S.P.A – Spa Park Asia

Spa Park Asia is here to bring you a truly Asian way of healing and relaxation. But, as a twist, the spa includes the use of beauty and skin care products from Karin Herzog from Switzerland. Further, the spa only entrusts its clienteles with the hands of well-trained and expert therapist. The combination of all of these only results to a great spa experience.

Spa Park Asia is found in Grand Plaza Park Hotel and two other locations in Singapore. The spa offers comprehensive treatments including Park Indulgence which, in 2010, has won Bazaar’s Spa Awards in 2010. The menu of services of the spa includes deep tissue massages, foot reflexology, body wrapping and polishing, and radiating facials.


S.P.A – Spa Park Asia (Grand Park City Hall)


S.P.A - Spa Park Asia

Going to S.P.A is like stepping into a paradise of peace and tranquillity. You cannot even hear the heavy traffic outside. The waiting area and common bathroom exudes a posh and sophisticated feeling. You will be ushered into a clean and dimly lit room for your massage. There is also a couple's room with a jacuzzi should you wish. You will be served with a nice warm cup of tea at the end of the session.

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Among their many services are the following:

  • Body Massage
  • Body Wraps
  • Facial Spa
  • Foot Spa

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