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Salon Vim by Chez Vouz

Living up to our name Vim, our team is highly energetic and enthusiastic. “What matters to you, matters to us most.” In order to keep up with today’s ever-changing waves, Salon Vim recognizes the need for skill enhancements. Our team receives and provides regular training to hairdressers all around the world such as Japan, Hongkong, London, France and Indonesia.

At Salon Vim, we offer an extensive array of services that limits no age. With innovation being held at a high regard, we regularly introduce new and exclusive services such as – Salon Vim Texture Control Anti Frizz Treatment, Texture Smooth Double Hair Treatment, Texture Care Collagen Hair Treatment, Texture Balancing Instant Rejuvenating Scalp Treatment, Scalp Revival Spa and Renewal Light Therapy.

Salon Vim provides an environment of ultimate personalisation. Every service is custom tailored to your specific hair texture and condition. Leave it to the hands of our experts and enjoy the process. Trust our competent team to provide the utmost quality in our service and works, all with the intent to empower confidence and positivity in you.



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Hair Salon

Salon Vim by Chez Vouz

Excellent and professional. A wonderful relaxing experience.

Spoiled hair!

Avatar christenpatockuoe
Hair Salon

Salon Vim by Chez Vouz

Timen is the absolute best and I have been requesting only him to work on my hair. I have uncontrollable natural curls but prefer having short hair. I have had other hairstylists tell me before that they would not be able to cut my hair without me doing styling by myself or if I didn't rebond. Timen never had any issues and would give me the best fuss- free cut that lasts a decent time and looks good even without styling.

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Among their many services are the following:

  • Cut, Wash, & Blow
  • Digital Perm & Straightening
  • Coloring & Highlighting
  • Treatment
  • Hairstyling


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