Spa Esprit

Spa Esprit, your favourite homegrown apothecary spa since 1996. Redefining the now archaic spa formula with creative customised facials, massages, body treatments and foot spas.

From the signature House Proud Massage to the fully organic Sink Your Skin Pear and Apple Scrub, each treat has been carefully crafted with you in mind.


Best Strokes

Avatar rickloh

Spa Esprit

I love how my body feels after every single strokes I have at Spa Esprit. If you’re expecting the fancy pants kind of massage with overly pushy “consultants”, you ain’t going to get any of it here. This place is a homely outfit that basically does really good massage and facial.

Highly satisfied!

Avatar katie-bethea

Spa Esprit

For the very first time, I felt so satisfied after having a good facial without any hard selling on their services. Thumbs up!

Good yet lil pricey

Avatar chelseateng

Spa Esprit

Their therapists are well trained and they did a good job on getting rid of my acne. I cannot lie but they did a great job on facial service. How I wish I can afford to go here regularly. Hoping them to give more promos.

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Among their many services are the following:


  • Classic Scentsational
  • Energy Worker
  • Fastdraw Back
  • Hot Stone
  • House Proud
  • Slow Flow
  • Triple Muscle Blast
  • Tui Na
  • Back to Balance

Body Treatments

  • A.D. (After Delivery) Massage
  • B.C. (Before Child) Massage
  • Cheeky Chai Detox
  • Classic Scrub a Dub-Dub
  • Strawberry Butter Meltdown
  • Vampirella Wrap
  • Wheat Gerrefic Treat


  • Stress Rescue
  • Stress Rescue II
  • Fragile Friendly
  • Fragile Friendlier
  • Gone & Pore-Gotten
  • Triple Algae-Rithm
  • Agent A16
  • House Bungalow (with Ultrasound)
  • Star White Star Bright
  • Heavy Lifting
  • Botox & Fill (Bff)
  • Beam Me Up
  • Vpl Power
  • Splash & Glow
  • Wet Wet Wow
  • Ultra-Replenishing Facial
  • Crystal Tonic Facial
  • Eyes Wide Open Treat
  • Eyes Wide Open Treat (with Machine)
  • Lip Smacker Treat
  • Neck-to-Neck Treat
  • Neck-to-Neck Treat (with machine)
  • Watch Your Back Treat
  • Watch Your Back Treat (with Wet Microdermabrasion)

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