Spa Jelita
  • 150 Changi Road #01-02 Guthrie Building Singapore 419973
  • 6345 4565

Spa Jelita

Spa Jelita, a name synonymous with grandeur and luxury, is the essential destination to experience a Spa Journey that is a cradle of traditional Arabian customs and modern practices of Aromatherapy and first-class technologically advanced facial treatments. Relive the legend of Cleopatra and tales of the Velvet Nights with our selection of therapies.

Built in grandeur and sheer luxury, SpaJelita offer the opulence of ancient Arabia with up-to-the minute therapies enabling clients to taste, touch and feel the difference. From classic cures with indigenous ingredients such as henna, honey and dates, to more sophisticated rituals based on modern technology, SpaJelita demystifies the legends and demonstrates how these ancient rituals have become intricately linked with the modern Arabic spa experience.

Deepen your appreciation of the Arabian Spa, experience the exotic blend of time-honoured and truly unmatched natural therapies coupled with excellent service to soothe and enrich the body, mind and spirit.


Great facial

Avatar Krissy Han
Spa Jelita

Spa Jelita

I love the facial here at Spa Jelita.. My feels and looks 5 years younger after going here. Will definitely come back!

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Among their many services are the following:

Face Care

  • Charmed Facial
    • Diamond Peel Facial
    • UMO Hydra-Max Facial
    • RF Face Lift
    • Skinlight Facial
  • Radiance Ritual Facial
    • Oxylift Facial
    • MFA Pro-Peel Facial
  • Purification Facial
    • Hydrating Facial
    • Clarifying Facial
  • Nefertiti Facial
    • Diamond Peel + RF Facelift Treatment
    • Diamond Peel + UMO Hydra-Max Treatment
  • Nefertiti Royal Facial
    • Needleless Mesotherapy (Signature Treatment!)
    • RF Facelift + Nano C Luminance Treatment (new!)
  • Face Candling

Body Therapies

  • Aromasoul Therapies
    • Full Body Massage
    • Hammam Ritual and Body Massage (Steam + Sauna)
      Arabian Spa Retreat
      Hamam Ritual. Full Body Massage. Body Glow
  • JelitaSoul Ginger Experience
    • Hamam Ritual. Full Body Massage. Body Glow. Ginger Therapy.
  • Velvet Night Journey
    • Hamam Ritual. Full Body Massage. Body Glow. Cleopatra Milk Royale.
  • Cleopatra Royal Ritual
    • Hamam Ritual. Full Body Massage. Body Glow. Cleopatra Milk Royale. Ganggang.
  • Healing Massage
  • Other Body Therapies
    • Hammam Ritual
    • Body GLow
    • Ginger Back Therapy
    • Ginger Therapy
    • Hydro Therapy
    • Traditional Ganggang
    • Ear Candling
    • Ginger Therapy + Foot Relax
    • Traditional Cupping
    • Guasa
    • Jelitasoul Massage
    • With steam or sauna
    • Jelitasoul Massage
    • With steam or sauna
    • Jelitasoul Massage
    • Healing Massage


  • Bridal Blush
  • Bridal Blush is available at $499.
    • Session 1
      • HammamRitual
      • Body Glow Treatment
      • Relaxing Body Massage
    • Session 2
      • Purification Facial
      • HairSpa wth Haircut, Wash & Blow
    • Session 3
      • Hammam Ritual
      • Relaxing Body Massage
      • Body Glow Treatment
      • Cleopatra Milk Royale
      • Traditional Ganggang
  • Mummy Post Natal Therapy
  • Mummy Pre-Natal Care
  • Mummy Royal Care


  • Needleless Therapy
  • 2 in 1 Therapeutic Technology
  • Electro Lipolysis
  • RF Treatment
  • Anti-Cellulite Massage
  • Tummy Heat Wrap
  • Slimming Detox Wrap
  • Anti-Cellulite Coffee Scrub

Spajelita Spa party

  • Hair Spa
    • Avocado Rich Hair Therapy
    • Aloe Vera Moisturising Hair Therapy
  • Specialized Hair Care
    • Intensive Scalp & Hair Regulating Treatment
    • Deluxe 3 in 1 Hair Rescue
  • Hair Services
    • Wash & Blow
    • Haircut, Wash & Blow
    • Henna Colouring
    • Permanent Colouring
    • Highlight Foil
    • Root Retouch
    • Hair Perming
    • Rebonding
    • Bridal Glow
    • Complimentary
    • HammamRitual
    • Traditional Ganggang

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