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Suddenly Slender

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Suddenly Slender is a premium weight management centre that has helped thousands of Singaporean men and women lose weight the fast, natural and effective way ever since arriving in Singapore direct from the USA in 2008.

With our experience and expertise in healthy weight loss methods, clients can see fast and long lasting results. However, at Suddenly Slender, we are not content with that. We believe that the result is only part of the entire experience we can offer. Which is why we use floral and herbal infused steam and aroma essential oils to give you that extra touch of luxury and relaxation that makes us the best slimming centre in Singapore.

Our revolutionary methods of slimming have been used by celebrities in the US, such as Tyra Banks, Britney Spears, Jim Carrey and Ellen Degeneres. We have been featured in over 7,000 publications worldwide. At the centre of our wildly successful slimming system is the Suddenly Slender Miracle Body Wrap.