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Singapore Management University, Li Ka Shing Library Building, #B1-42, 70 Stamford Road, Singapore 178901

Strike Combat

Strike Combat has begun as an accidental business when a few fighters wanted to exchange fighting and training tips with one another privately.

Pooling together the little money they had from their own pockets, they rented the rooftop of an old building. Having no money left for renovation or equipment purchase, they came up with innovative ideas and DIY training equipment.

Training and sparring with one another on an open rooftop under the weather soon caught the eyes of the public. People began joining in but some were complete beginners with no prior experience.

The fighters trained the beginners to get everyone to be at least of sparring level. Despite the rundown environment, training quality received so many good feedback and positive response that more and more people came. This is the foundation of Strike Combat.

Today, Strike Combat has grown into a full-fledged professional fight gym where you can find fitness enthusiasts, aspiring athletes, both professional and elite amateur fighters, dedicated trainers and other supporting personnel.