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Supersmooth is a waxing salon that has been the talk of the town in Singapore. Supersmooth Singapore offers super affordable and super fast laser hair removal and waxing services. Painless and extremely efficient, laser hair removal is excellent for sensitive areas and can treat fine hair, unlike IPL.

Also, enjoy complete peace of mind with its 3-year warranty program that covers any additional sessions you may need. Located at 144 Robinson Road, Robinson Square, you can visit any Supersmooth outlets near you.

Check Supersmooth reviews and see that the offers they give each and every customer is an affordable way of removing hair from the private areas in the front (pubic area) and back. This has become a lifestyle choice for many as it offers benefits such as smoother skin, hygiene during menstruation etc.

As for their Laser treatments, Diode lasers operate at a wavelength that skips your skin and goes straight for your hair roots, making it safe for even richer skin tones. It damages the root so that your body purges it as waste material within 2 weeks.