Fitness Club
Block 4 Everton Park #01-50 Tanjong Pagar, Singapore 080004 T +65 8168 7715
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We make fitness fun, but we will also challenge you. Train like an athlete with us. Be a better athlete here. We want to make you better. If you just like to workout, train like an athlete anyway. Athletes are strong-willed, and determined to improve. With this mindset, you will stay motivated. More importantly, athletic gains are more rewarding than appearance-based goals.

We love circuit training, and we have a few different types for you. You can check out our class description and find out more. Our circuit training programs design also blend in high intensity interval training principles to give you a good sweat. In our yoga class, you will learn about mindfulness and help you to restore the balance and focus in your body. We also pay attention to injury prevention to make sure you can maintain your training intensities without comprising your body.

If you are looking for Personal Training or small group training in the day time, you can speak with us too. We welcome athletes as well as people looking to get fit.

We are a gym that cares, we established a SWEAT! Care program in 2014, and we rally our clients to do good together. So far, we visited Senior Citizen Activities Centre in Kreta Ayer to celebrate Christmases with them, and an orphanage. We also held a couple of charity fund raisers. Ask us about them when you come for class. We would love to tell you about it, and we planned to do one project every 6 months.