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The Comb

At The Comb, we are set on exceeding customer’s expectations with the best of our abilities. Tell us your dream hair and we will fulfil it.

Every visit starts with entering our cozy establishment and a hair consultation where our hair professionals will assess the health of your hair before recommending suitable services and treatments that befits your hair texture, type, how it can possibly accentuate your physical features and at the same time, complimenting your lifestyles.

Our stylists’ origins hail from South East Asia- Seoul Korea, Kuala Lumpur, Taiwan, and Singapore where they accumulated relevant experiences working in some of the trendiest hair boutiques in the capital. Rina Kil, our Creative Director commands The Comb’s hairstyling team and imparts valuable knowledge to her subordinates.

The Comb team prides itself in shaping the ambience to a customer’s liking so as to keep your intrinsic and extrinsic needs satisfied. We seek perfection and every hairdo that leaves our salon has to be aesthetically pleasing. Our team of talented stylists offer tailored services to each individual’s personality and lifestyle. Service techniques such as special occasion hair & makeup, colour, hair straightening and perming are all Korean-influenced.



Avatar minervarieger45
Hair Salon

The Comb

How are they calling their salon comb if you will not look like you comb after having a treatment here? My money spent here is not worth it and far away from what I expected. It is like they do not like what they are doing because they look too lazy on doing things like washing, blower, etc. My hair is already frizzy but their haircut and treatment did not tame my frizzy hair. They should get more training on customer service. Waste of money!

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Among their many services are the following:


  • Volume Rebonding
  • Magic Setting
  • Water Wave Perm
  • Digital Perm
  • Fringe Perm


  • Highlights/Balayage
  • Micro Highlights
  • Hair Manicure
  • Bleach


  • Scalp Treatment 2 Step
  • Scalp Treatment 3 Step
  • Hair Treatment 3 Step
  • Hair Treatment 5 Step
  • Keratin
  • Organic Scalp
  • Organic Hair

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