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Theresa Slimming Beauty Spa


Theresa Slimming Beauty Spa, is a beauty spa and a total wellness center in Singapore which is conveniently located in Hougang Central. Theresa Slimming Beauty Spa is most for specialising in organic means to lose weight and maximize health offering services like Aromatherapy Relaxation Body Massage, Ancient Asian Therapy, Cryo- Lipolysis Slimming Treatment as well as Thermo-lipolysis Sliming treatment.

Theresa Slimming Beauty Spa started out with humble beginnings and through their team of experienced aestheticians, they have successfully established the brand as a household name with the support of their each and every loyal customers and team members.

At Theresa Slimming Beauty Spa, it is their main secret to slimming and wellness to devleop and maintain a combination of internal and external detoxifying program in co-operation with their slimming treatments. With this synergistic approach, they can achieve guaranteed results that are starvation free without any harmful side effects.

Theresa Slimming Beauty Spa believes that beauty is more than having a slim figure. It is also about taking care of your health to allow each individual to fully enjoy that journey to greater radiance, energy and immunity – essentially, to get more out of life.

Through a combination of internal and external detoxifying programs, experience results that are starvation free and without any harmful side effects!



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Among their many services are the following:

  • Spa
    • Aromatherapy Relaxation Body Massage
    • Ancient Asian Therapy 
  • Teeth
    • Bio Intense Teeth Whitening Treatment
  • ILight Hair Removal (ILHR)
    • Silk Protein Whitening Treatment
    • Korean V Face Lift Treatment
    • Vit-C Skin Rejuvenate Facial
  • Slimming
    • Cryo- Lipolysis Slimming Treatment
    • Thermo-lipolysis Sliming treatment
    • Detox Slimming Treatment





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