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Tirisula Yoga

What does Tirisula Yoga do?
Tirisula Yoga is the best Yoga school in Singapore training yoga practitioners to become professional Yoga teachers. Our team of Master Trainers at Tirisula Yoga is dedicated to transform practitioners to a professional Yoga teacher to guide, lead and inspire others.

What does Tirisula mean?
Tirisula means Trident in Sanskrit. The trident represents the 3 Gunas (qualities) existing within us and nature. They are sattvic (pure), rajasic (activity oriented) and tamasic (dullness). Transform through Tirisula Yoga to transcend these 3 qualities.

You are beyond what you think you are.

Why study at Tirisula Yoga?
Tirisula Yoga is the longest, most consistent and reliable Yoga centre in Singapore. We provide well-rounded education for aspiring teachers, self-practitioners and the public about the many benefits of yoga, including treatments for diseases, meditation for those with stress related issues and other health ailments.

We have certification and public courses which provide students with opportunities for upgrade and continual education. For example, the 300hr, 500hr Yoga course, the 1200hr Master Course, as well as workshop related to common diseases.

We are completely and unequivocally focussed on small high impact classes and the best workshops for the public.

We are a secular institute that appreciates and respects all forms of religion. We emphasise harmony, inner calmness and a serene mind.

What style of Yoga?

Tirisula Yoga is based primarily on the AshtangaVinyasa style, originally as taught by Sri TKV Krishnamarcharya, Guruji BNS Iyengar and Yoga AcharyaV.Sheshardri of Mysore (Primary and Secondary Series) which originated nearly 1500 years ago.

We incorporate the AshtangaVinyasa style (First series, second series, third series… and aspects of Iyengar Yoga’s areas of precision and alignment in our asanas practice.

Why Ashtanga?

Ideal for today’s modern world
We at Tirisula Yoga firmly understand that this style is ideal for today’s modern world with modern issues. This style helps to develop a consistent self-practice. After learning, students need not rely on going to Yoga studios for classes. They can practice at the comfort of their space and time. We encourage everyone to learn this life’s art for excellent health in body and mind.

Best for physical and mental health
AshtangaVinyasa Yoga style is provides a challenging workout that tones the body, keeps it supple and strong, deep cleanses the systems, and gives a high level of meditative experience. Develop strong and flexible bones and muscles.

Dynamic posture adjustments => Huge improvements
Tirisula Yoga Master Teachers preserve this style with utter tradition, originality and with dynamic posture adjustments to get students flexible and strong. These adjustments as taught by our great teachers are no longer taught by them anymore.With adjustments and intensity in training, the students’ improve much more during the course as compared to years of practice in 1 hour classes earlier.