Yoga Center
54 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058685
+65 6224 3612

Wabi-sabi Holistic Lifestyle Pte Ltd


Wabi-sabi Holistic Lifestyle Pte Ltd is a slimming center in Singapore. They believe in creating an environment conducive for practice; it should not be the claustrophobic experience of a sardine-packed class, nor should it feel like a military contingent.

That is marching through mechanical movements and getting lost in ‘organized confusion’. They won’t try to fool you with a superficial state of the art studio; instead, they believe in providing you quality classes of no more than 15 students, for the space you need and for the attention we give our students.

They also believe in promoting a philosophy for right and healthy living, so expect to ‘de-mystify’ yoga and offer a practical approach to meet your objectives.

Furthermore, they want to share approaches to promote your physical well being, offer ‘food’ for the mind and find peace within yourself.