Warisan Spa
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Warisan Spa

Inspired by the holistic Balinese spas in Indonesia comes Singapore’s newest luxurious wellness spa for families and couples—Warisan Spa. Located in Tampines Street in bustling Singapore, Warisan Spa is a unique experience waiting to happen for you, your loved ones and family.

Experience tranquillity right in the midst of the bustling city-state that is Singapore. At Warisan Spa, we pamper you with the luxurious and soothing massage that will surely cure those sore and tired muscles. Time slows down at the Balinese-inspired Warisan Spa where our skilled spa therapists will meticulously and attentively help you relax and unwind from the stresses of Singapore life.

Enjoy the revered Eastern traditions of health and beauty through the exhilarating rituals that ancient princes and princesses crave and enjoy as you journey through our temple of wellness where tranquillity, peace and harmony reign.

Warisan Spa provides a temple of wellness for your pampering needs in a natural, traditional and holistic way by bringing to you the Bali experience you always crave for. Our exquisite massage and spa facilities are meticulously chosen to exude the perfect Balinese feel indulging you completely as you relax totally under the capably accomplished hands of our therapist.

You don’t need to leave Singapore and get yourself tired travelling to Indonesia just to experience this special indulgent massage, Warisan Spa is the perfect place to treat yourself and that special someone. Experience the popular and sought-after Balinese spa massage now.

Let your daily concerns take a back seat as you splurge and enjoy relaxing as you claim time to attend to your personal wellness.

Leave your worries behind and enjoy a spa treat at Warisan Spa.


I got more tired

Warisan Spa

Warisan Spa

Warisan Spa really stressed me out. I just wanted to have a stress free weekend but as it turned out, I got more stressed. My schedule was 4pm in the afternoon and the started at almost 4:30 pm. The service feels rushed. And the staffs are not friendly.

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Among their many services are the following:

  • Body Waxing
  • Hand & Feet Spa
  • Holism Rituals
  • Luluran Body Polishing
  • Mask & Wrap
  • Neck & Eye Therapy
  • Traditional Bath Rituals
  • Traditional Facial Treatments
  • Traditional Massage Therapy

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