ETHEREA Square Pulsed IPL

ETHEREA Square Pulsed IPL

ETHEREA IPL seeks to attend the most required and desirable light-source aesthetic treatments and procedures worldwide. By delivering specific wavelengths that are capable of a plethora of treatment indications, ETHEREA IPL has achieved to place several solutions in a single technology. Get rid of unwanted hair, sun spots, tiny little vessels and acne. Get your skin tone improved and face lines and contouring delineated as well. Believe in the true beauty that remains shining behind the aging of time.


  • hair removal
  • skin rejuvenation
  • pigmented lesions
  • vascular lesions
  • acne treatment


Higher Power IPL-SQ
By associating the Square-Wave Pulse System to high-performance ceramic reflectors, Etherea IPL-Sq delivers light pulses with higher energy and efficacy.

Plug-And-Play Cut-Off Filters
Allows to change cut-off filters easily and quickly with no need to turn off device nor handpiece changing. Smart software system will immediately recognize the new cut-off-filter installed.

Contact Cooling Tip
Cooled sapphire tips, with a total of five levels of intensity and full temperature control. Give much more safety and versatility to your treatments.

Treat your patients even faster
Greater spot size, with 40 x 12mm high repetition rate (up to 2 Hz)

Pulse width from 5 to 100ms
Aggressiveness on vascular treatment and safety to higher prototypes.

Perfect-Made Cut-Off Filters
With wavelength of 400, 540, 580 and 640nm, these adequate cut-off filters will assure a selective absorption peak for treatments efficacy.

Vascular Tips
Specially developed tips to treat less accessible areas or specific lesions.

ETHEREA Square Pulsed IPL


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