As the saying goes, it is never too early to start your anti-ageing skincare routine. Are you well into your 20s and worrying about how your skin will age? Many women face this issue and aren’t sure when exactly to start their anti-ageing skincare routine. Is it when they are 30? Or is it when wrinkles and fine lines start to show? But by then, it may even be too late. Although our 20s seem like a young age, it can be the perfect age to start. Especially if you are already in your late 20s, anti-ageing skincare products might just be on your shopping list! 

So, how do you know which products to choose, and which are right for you? For those leading a busy lifestyle, your concern may be keeping up with all the steps of a thorough skincare routine. Well, Beauty Insider has a simple solution for you. Take a look at the Euglena Power Lifting Cream! A simple, easy-to-use and all-in-one anti-ageing cream that will help resolve many skin concerns. 

What is Euglena

The key and main ingredient in all of Euglena’s products is Euglena itself. Euglena is a microalgae species that grow in marine and freshwaters. Green in colour, Euglena contains chlorophyll for photosynthesis and to produce nutrients. The nutrients found in Euglena are also necessary for bioactive compounds that help enhance our bodily functions. Furthermore, Euglena was discovered in the 1900s. Its discovery led to the scientist’s achievement in a Nobel Prize and NASA projects. But, Euglena’s use in health supplements, food and skincare products was only made possible in 2005. The success was possible thanks to researchers at  Tokyo University, who discovered a way to mass cultivate it. 

Benefits of Euglena

Studies have shown that Euglena extract helps promote the proliferation of epidermal cells. It also promotes the synthesis of filaggrin protein, which offers an enhanced removal of old skin, while strengthening the skin’s barrier function. Besides that, filaggrin protein is also a natural moisturising ingredient that is involved with skin hydration. Furthermore, the Euglena Power Lifting Cream contains a revolutionary ingredient – cellulose components derived from algae. Thanks to this ingredient, Euglena lifts and firms the skin instantly and effectively. 

Aside from that, Nano-Emulsified Euglena Oil is a technology that nourishes your skin and enhances the skin’s absorption of Euglena oil. The best part is that it also protects the skin from dryness, smooths out the skin and improves its elasticity. Euglena also contains amino acids and Glucans within itself. The amino acids help with stimulating fibroblast cells to produce elastin and collagen. What’s more, is that it supports glutathione production as it helps fight against toxins and free radicals. All in all, amino acids help brighten the skin, build dermal density and improve the skin. 

Glucan, on the other hand, are bioactive compounds containing strong antioxidative properties found in Euglena. It offers the skin extra protection as it penetrates deep into the skin to offer anti-wrinkle activity, moisturising effects and anti-UV light benefits. Another bioactive compound present within Euglena is Chlorophyllin. It protects toxins and free radicals that may be cell-damaging. Moreover, it helps retain moisture, as well as detoxify the skin and pores. 

Euglena Power Lifting Cream 

The Euglena Power Lifting Cream is the perfect all-in-one cream for professional women in their late 20s. Keeping your skincare routine quick and simple, this cream combines 10 anti-ageing skincare functions into one product. Thanks to its advanced delivery technology, it acts as a toner, serum, day and night cream, eye cream, neck cream, makeup base, facial mask, lip balm and body moisturiser. The Euglena Power Lifting Cream allows you to pamper your skin with memory gel cream to help restore your skin to a silky smooth complexion. 

Furthermore, using the Euglena Power Lifting Cream protects against pigmentation, hydrates the skin deeply and brings out an overall healthier, radiant and supple complexion. All with just the star ingredient of Euglena! Aside from that, Euglena contains up to 59 ingredients essential for our body’s rejuvenation and repair. You will also find it enriched with vitamins A, C and E, along with minerals, carotenoids and amino acids. Offering all the ingredients you need to regenerate your skin cells. 

Upon using the Euglena Power Lifting Cream, expect results of smoother, firmer, more hydrated skin that is both supple and radiant. Even though this all-in-one cream is packed with botanical extracts and other ingredients, it is still lightweight! As it contains Rose hybrid extract and Pomegranate seed extract, they both are infused with antioxidants. While the former includes fatty acids to reduce fine lines, plump the skin and stimulate collagen production, the latter reduces inflammation and free radicals to reduce wrinkles and age spots. To further combat pigmentation, dullness and dry skin, this cream contains Shea butter, European Plum extract, Lactobacillus ferment, Extracts of Chlorella and Hyaluronic Acid. 

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