Experimental Date Ideas You, An Independent Singaporean Lady will Love

Experimental Date Ideas that An Independent Singaporean Lady Like You will Love

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You are confident, experimental, adventurous and bold. You love life and all the wonders that come along with it. You are not afraid to be alone, for solitude brings fun and opportunities to go even further. However, you are also not afraid to put yourself out there and connect with other individuals! Here are two refreshingly interesting date ideas you will be interested to take on:


Experimental Date Ideas You, An Independent Singaporean Lady will Love


An Arranged 1-to-1 Date with Your Ideal Prince Charming!


Every independent lady will have her own set of expectations on what her ideal date is, and she will not settle for less. You’ve been looking around, even paying attention to your friends around you, constantly asking yourself if he’s the one for you.


You want that custom-made prince, the one who takes care of you and understands you. The one who gives you your space when you need it. The truth is every independent lady will be perfectly fine being alone, and if she ever settles, it would be the one who makes her love the way she feels when she’s with him! If you have tried dating apps, why not take a chance at an offline dating agency – which members are all verified?


For that, GaiGai is an offline modern dating agency which is backed by a team of experienced, certified, passionate and young individuals. Trust them to be your very own sisters or wingman! 


Fun Group Dates with Strangers You Can Trust!


Group dates – not with friends, but strangers! Of course, with strangers, you can actually trust. Why should you trust them? GaiGai hosts interesting regular singles networking events every week and prior to each event, all participants have been verified before their attendance is confirmed!


Here are some really interesting events you may attend alone, or with a friend, to meet new people and make new connections! The best part is if you go with a friend or more, all of you are entitled to discounts off each ticket!



Wine & Cheese Pairing


Finding the right partner is indeed one of the life’s greatest endeavours, as well as it is most rewarding. As with all pairings, the right choice of wine can bring out the best in a cheese.


Learn to drink wine formally, the vintages, the art of pairing, the swirling and the aroma-identifying, and things we’ve always wondered. All these, in a chic art gallery with the oldest Vietnamese art in Singapore for you to enjoy.


Get tickets here!


Experimental Date Ideas You, An Independent Singaporean Lady will Love


Espresso-Making & Latte Art Workshop


Enter the world of espresso-making and learn about the tools and brewing techniques, conducted by the baristas at Penny University. They will even bring this workshop up a notch and guide you on the basic techniques in latte art and how you can create your very own art masterpiece!


That’s not all, put your newly acquired knowledge to the test with an interactive mini quiz and latte art contest for you and your new friends!


Get tickets here!


Experimental Date Ideas You, An Independent Singaporean Lady will Love


Weeknight Dates: Go Fusion 


Besides a wide variety of fun events, they also host age segmented events for people who would like to mingle within their age range! This September, get ready to enjoy a quick respite from your hectic schedule with a 3-course local fusion dinner with a menu specially curated by celebrity chef, Syed Shah, winner of Mediacorp Suria cooking competition 2014, King Juara Memasak.


Get tickets here! (For 35 years old and below only)


Didn’t see an event that caught your eye? The next one happens this September and it is awesome: 


The Hungry Ghost Festival Experience: Mapping Spiritual Spaces


Halloween season is here and it will be a waste not to ride on it! What’s more refreshing than sitting in a horror film, or walking through the haunted houses for hours? Experiencing HGF as it is and immersing in this spirituality, capturing important moments in this 2-part workshop!


Prepare your cameras while you take a tour in the evening around the HDB estate, observing, analysing, and photographing these moments that we miss in everyday life. See you on 8 September 2017 at the Substation. Read more here.


Being single is great, but wouldn’t it be better if you have a date to spend such wonderful moments together? You have been on dating apps, looking around within your circle, and hanging out hoping the right one would approach you, but have you been looking in the right places?


GaiGai verifies all profiles in person and makes sure that they are legally single to be matched. Besides basic information, we are able to match you to your requirements and preferences of an ideal date! Cut it short and head to GaiGai to create a free online profile and be matched today!