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Meet the Experts Behind the Best Eyelash Salons in Singapore and find out what all the Hype is About!

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With February round the corner, we at Beauty Insider are all too familiar with the good ol’ Chinese New Year surcharge that kicks in with the festivities. Not to worry, we have got your back! The best eyelash salons in Singapore are giving the readers of Beauty Insider exclusive deals to help you flutter away the haters at your Chinese New Year reunion dinner with a brand new set of lashes- all at an affordable price!

Lash Lawn

When it comes to eyelash extensions three important things are vital to a satisfied customer. They are; long-lasting lashes, the right amount of lift and easy after care. Lash Lawn stands out as an eyelash salon that does all three!

With certified eyelash professionals that customise to the individual, Lash Lawn is known to provide stellar services! The right curl provides an “eye-opening effect” making them look bigger and more proportional. This creates what we know as the doll-like effect.

This Chinese New Year, their popular Girl Next Door Eyelash Extension Set is selling at a low $68 (U.P $88) for all first time customers. Get them now! They are available for a limited time only.

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Dream Lash

Eyeing the eyelashes of Korean celebrities? Dreamlash Korea has you covered! With a variety of eyelash styles to choose from you are sure to find one that suits your eye shape and size.

Their goal is the specific customisation to every customer. They even have the option to add eyelashes extensions to your lower lashes to create the effect of a luscious set of eyelashes.

This Chinese New Year, first time customers can expect to receive 20% off for any service with no hard obligations to sign up for a package after!

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Private Room Singapore

Made popular by influencers like Jemmawei and Kay Kay, Private room provides a variety of services for your needs. Even so, they are one of the best eyelash salons in the business!

Their new technique called Russian Volume creates a fluffy effect that is voluminous yet natural. By using 100% synthetic lashes they are able to amplify the volume without damaging your natural lashes.

For Chine New Year their Instagram famous, Russian Lashes are going for a discounted $138 (U.P $168). So get them soon!