Eye Bag Removal in Singapore: Know Your Treatment Options

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Deep, bulging eyebags can add years to your face and make you look perpetually tired. Eye creams and tea bags can make them look smaller, but won’t make them go away. Find out what causes your eyebags, where you can get eye bag removal in Singapore, and how to weigh your different treatment options.


What causes eyebags?

Lots of factors can contribute to eyebags, and sometimes they can happen all at once.

  • Loss of fatty tissue. As we grow older, we lose fatty tissue in our face which causes our skin to droop like a deflated balloon. Unfortunately, we tend to lose fatty tissue in our cheeks faster than under our eyes. These leads to that bulge under our eyes. 
  • Weaker orbital septum. Sorry for the anatomy terms, but this is the membrane that holds the fat under the eye. When it becomes weak and loose, the fat behind it bulges outward.
  • Genetics. Thanks, Mom. Some people just tend to have more fat in the eye area.

Allergies, water retention from a salty diet, smoking and lack of sleep can make eyebags look worse. But sometimes you can do everything right and the problem won’t go away. Fortunately, you can find a lot of eyebag treatments in Singapore!

Eyebag Removal Surgery

Also called blepharoplasty, this surgical treatment basically removes or relocates fat around the eyes. Aside from getting rid of eye bags, it smooths out loose skin and crow lines.

The surgery can be done on your upper lid, or on the lower eye area. It involves making a tiny incision (usually just under the lower lashes). In some cases, your aesthetic doctor can even remove it from inside the lower lid so the cut can’t be seen at all.   

There will be bruising and swelling for about a week, and the eye area will feel a bit tight and uncomfortable. Cold compresses and analgesics will help!

For the next few days after surgery, you will need to stay mobile and upright, sleep with your head elevated, and limit physical activities.  You may need to take a leave from work, and take extra precautions (like wearing sunglasses and very meticulous eye hygiene) while the area heals. Some sutures dissolve on their own, but in some cases you will need to go back to get stitches removed.

So eyebag removal surgery does require more cost, effort and down time — but the results are immediate and dramatic. Once the swelling subsides you’ll see the result: a fresher, firmer looking eye contours.  

Eyebag removal surgery needs to be performed by a licensed and experienced cosmetic surgeon. Check Beauty Insider’s directory of Singapore aesthetic clinics to find some of the respected doctors in the country!

Laser Blepharoplasty

All cosmetic eyebag surgery will require making some kind of incision, but your doctor can either use a scalpel or a laser. Watch this news report on laser eyebag removal:

One of the benefits of using a laser is that it can seal blood vessels immediately, so there’s less bleeding, bruising and swelling. (However, there will also be some risk of redness and swelling from exposure to the laser heat, so you have to discuss this with your doctor.)

In general, lasers have a faster recovery period. However, there’s no big difference in the results. Both types of eyebag removal surgery can freshen and tighten the eye area, and no clinical studies prove that one treatment is “more effective” than the other. It’s a matter of personal preference. Talk about it with your Singapore cosmetic surgeon to make the best choice for you!


If you’re not ready for eye bag removal surgery – whether it’s done by laser or by scalpel – you can ask your doctor if you’re a candidate for fillers.

Obviously, you don’t want to add fillers to the undereye area itself. But in some cases, your cosmetic doctor can inject fillers to restore volume to the eye through and cheek. This makes your eyebags look less pronounced, and make the entire area look firmer and more contoured.

Results last about 18 months, but the effectivity really depends on where and how the fillers are injected. It’s a science and art, and depends entirely on the skill and experience of your doctor.

A Doctor Talks About Eyebag Removal

Lisa Ishii, a Johns Hopkins facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, including treatment options for eyebags.

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