5 Eye Care Tips that Give You a Sharper Vision

5 Eye Care Tips that Give You a Sharper Vision

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It is an understatement when we say “do not to take your eyes for granted”. Our eyes play a significant role not just in our beauty, but in how we view things in general. It is not just the windows to our soul, it also opens a lot of opportunities in our career and life. Those who have a clearer and brighter vision have an advantage in life. This is why we, at Beauty Insider offer you the top five eye care tips to help you achieve healthier looking eyes and sharper vision: 


Rest cucumber slices on your eyes

This is a go-to eye treatment but there’s no harm in mentioning it again. Cucumber is a wonder veggie—it has a lot of benefits which is why it stars in most skin care products. It has a cleansing power to unclog pores and brighten your look making you appear more awake and youthful. Simply peel, slice, and place fresh cucumbers on your eyes for about 15-20 minutes before bedtime. This will remove dark eye circles and reduce eye puffiness. Tomorrow, you’ll look fresh and ready to take on the day!


5 Eye Care Tips that Give You a Sharper Vision


In addition, cucumbers possess thiamine, riboflavin, Vitamin B6, calcium magnesium, and other minerals that are essential for a healthier eyesight. Include cucumbers in your diet too. 🙂



Don’t stress your eyes in a room that’s too dark or too bright

Reading in a dim-lighted room puts a lot of pressure in our eyes. According to a BBC report, your eyes adjust when you read in the dark and it strains the eyes. Sometimes, that strain gives you a headache and short-term eye fatigue. At the same time, you have to reduce your exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays. Wear shades whenever you’re going out on a sunny day. At work, wear glasses that shield your eyes from the radiation from computer screens.


Take your daily dose of Vitamin A and C

A good source of vitamin A is abundant in carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, beef, chicken liver, whole milk and cheese. Include these in your regular meals can help protect the surface of the eye or the cornea which is essential for good vision.


5 Eye Care Tips that Give You a Sharper Vision


Meanwhile, the food with the highest content of Vitamin C includes sweet red and green peppers,  strawberries, broccoli and orange juice. Studies actually suggest that long-term consumption of vitamin C may reduce the risk of cataract and macular degeneration, or loss of vision.



The lack of sleep affects our physical and mental health. It is to blame if you have stubborn dark eye circles and eye bags. Overtime, you’ll suffer from dry eye, eye spasm, glaucoma, and eye strain.


5 Eye Care Tips that Give You a Sharper Vision


It is best to sleep for at least five hours to help the body recharge. If you’re having troubles going to sleep at night, drink warm tea or read a book before bedtime. Too much caffeine during the day makes it harder for us to fall asleep at night, so reduce your coffee consumption. If possible, don’t drink coffee after 4 pm. 


Schedule your next eye test

Just because you can still clearly thread a needle with your bare eyes doesn’t mean you won’t have any eye problems. Truth is, we’re stressing our eyes every day. Some disorders that affect our vision subtlely develop and catch you unaware. 


5 Eye Care Tips that Give You a Sharper Vision


In that case, you shouldn’t miss a comprehensive eye exam once every two years. A trip to the eye optometrist isn’t a chore or a waste of time. It will help you correct vision problems at its most treatable time. You will enjoy more years of your life with an excellent eyesight.


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