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Eye Popping Eye Makeup Tips Perfect for Asian Women

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / March 21, 2018
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Asians naturally have small eyes- monolids and absent creases and all. These eyes, although nothing short of beautiful could be tough to brighten, open up and highlight.

With less space to work on with makeup, it could be challenging to make those peepers pop up, especially for beginners.

Fret not, though! We’ve listed down few easy, quick and useful eye makeup tips for Asian eyes down below! These Asian makeup techniques will inspire you to change few of your eye makeup ways.

They are also perfect Asian makeup tutorial for beginners who are looking to present themselves better through making the eyes pop more!

Extend your use of the eyeliner!

Eye Makeup Tips for Asian
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Apply the liner lightly on the crease of the eye and its inner corners. The key to achieving this eye makeup tip is patience because it requires a little bit of time to blend it! Do not let the line look too sharp or hard. Keep blending until the line looks like a fake deep crease.

Double up your liners!

Eye Makeup Tips for Asian
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Line your eyes with your usual black eyeliner, this time though; add a slender layer of bright colored eyeliner for an extra oomph!

Glitter your corners

Eye Makeup Tips for Asian
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Perfect to sport on a party night, pick a glittery eye shadow shade and dab in on the inner corners of both eyes. This will leave a lasting eye stare on the cute guy bar in the bar for sure!

Cream under the liner

Eye Makeup Tips for Asian

If you are struggling with oily eye creases, you probably have been stressed with eyeliners smudging come to the end of the day. To make your eyeliner last, apply a cream eye shadow base under your liquid or gel eyeliner. This will make them stay still all day!


Try 3CE Gel Eyeliner. It’s waterproof and sweat-proof and swears to stay in your eyes the entire day.

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Vertical gradient eye shadow

Eye Makeup Tips for Asian
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The vertical gradient eye shadow look is a popular western makeup trick. It is, in fact, one of the oldest western makeup tricks. It is considered as the “traditional” trick that requires the dark shade of eye shadow be applied to the outer corners of the eyes.

While it can be hard to do with monolids, simply applying the darkest eye shadow on to the lash line and 2 lighter shades going up the crease can still do it.