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The Force Is Strong With These Brows And Lash Services!

We are a society obsessed with eyebrows and lash extensions. Even if you weren’t blessed with ‘Instagram Perfect Eyebrows’ or star-studded luxurious lashes, it doesn’t mean you have to pass up on these brows and lash services that help you achieve your desired look. With these brands, they focus on the individuality of your face and features. And really, this strategy makes complete sense — you’re constantly told to analyse your face shape and characteristics before choosing a haircut or fashion style, so why wouldn’t you implement the same logic to your brows? This means there is no uniform solution — everyone will simply leave these salons looking like themselves, only better.

Arch Angel Brow

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If feathered and halo brows taught us anything, we should focus on the temperament of our brows, rather than willfully following a craze because, well, it’s trending. Not to mention all the overplucking we have put our brows through. At Arch Angel Brow, their Korea Combo Eyebrow Embroidery services give you perfectly groomed brows that frame your features beautifully. Using only 100% natural botanical pigments from Korea, this state-of-the-art technique allows you to achieve the brows of your dreams! With no downtime and no interruption to your regular beauty regime, it’s time for you to give your brows a makeover!

Address: 321 Clementi Ave 3, #01-08, Singapore 129905

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Dr Beauty

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If you want fuller, longer eyelashes, there’s a feast of solutions to choose from — all of which are, for the most part, painless. At Dr Beauty, their lash services bring out the beauty of your eyes with their unique eyelash extensions. Did we mention they recently won the Best Makeover Treatment for eyelash extensions? With their unrivalled techniques & comfortable lashes, they offer the assurance that your natural lashes are well taken care of, and even offer customised lashes for their customers upon special request!

Address: 100 Beach Road, #01-07, Shaw Tower, Singapore 189702

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With the aid of the latest revolutionary Swiss Microscopic Amplification Technology, you can now achieve youthful and thicker looking eyebrows favoured by Korean Celebrities! At Browtisan, their Natural Eyebrow Embroidery service mimics the actual brow with narrower and more delicate strokes for depth and dimension. So, book an appointment, have a blast and remember to take care of yourself — and this extends to your eyebrows.

Address: 402 Orchard Road, #03-15/17, Delfi Orchard, Singapore 238876

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