Eyebrow Embroidery Salons in Singapore That Have The Best Eyebrow Microblading Techniques

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What is microblading?

Microblading is a technique that uses a super-fine pen, which is actually a bundle of 12 – 15 needles. This pen is used to deposit pigment into your skin. As the tip of the needle is so fine, it creates perfect and natural hair strokes and they can only reach into the superficial layers of your skin, which is what makes it semi-permanent, instead of permanent ones like tattoos.

Think of each stroke of this microblading process as a little paper-cut. Coming to the point on the level of pain, yes, it hurts but your eyebrow artist will numb the area before proceeding with the procedure. Compared to other brow techniques, microblading gives you a very natural look and it stimulates your hair better.

How long does microblading last?

Technically, after you’re done with your first microblading session, you will be required to go in after a month for a touch-up service. Later on, it can last you from 12 months to the span of 3 years, depending on your lifestyle. A couple of things to avoid are first the sun, as it tends to fade the pigment away and to avoid putting exfoliants like retinol and glycolic acid near your eyebrows. This tends to lift the top layers of your skin as along with the colour pigment.

What happens during the microblading procedure?

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Your eyebrow technician will sanitise and numb the area. Then, she will draw the eyebrow shape according to the dimensions of your face, and you will be shown the markings to see if it’s good to go. Not only that, but the eyebrow technician will also consult you on the pigment of the ink, which is chosen based on the natural colour of your eyebrow hairs and your skin’s undertone.

Moving on, your eyebrow technician will then draw fine and light strokes using the microblading pen, and once she is done, she will then apply an aftercare ointment that will aid with the healing process. Following that, you will need to go in for another touch-up session for the technician to make tweaks to it.

Who should opt for microblading?

If you’re one that wants natural-looking eyebrows but do not want to spend the time filling them up in the morning or even worry that your eyebrow pencil formula would start fading midday, then you should definitely opt to get microblading.

What are the side effects of microblading?

First thing’s first, when you go in to get your eyebrow microblading done, you should always to go a trusted and experience eyebrow artist, to avoid major side effectives. Do your research, read reviews, look at the before and after images before actually making your choice.

What are some aftercare procedures after microblading?

You would be required to keep your eyebrows dry from water and sweat for at least a week or longer than that. Also, avoid wiping your eyebrows, but diligently apply any ointment that is provided by your eyebrow specialist.

Where can I get my microblading procedure done?

1. Jo Artysan

When you get your Microblading treatment, the shape of your eyebrow will be calculated and measured according to your facial morphology, which means each design will be uniquely tailored to suit you. Jo Artysan is highly recommended by most of its clients for crafting bespoke eyebrows according to one’s individual facial muscle, bone structure as well as skin texture and create the most natural looking stroke you’ll ever see!

What’s more is that, at Jo Artysan, the brow artists only use the best and premium-quality ingredients that are formulated even to suit the most sensitive of skins. Also, the pigment chosen for you will be based on your brow colour and skin which blends in with your real eyebrows, giving you a super natural look!

Treatment Cost: $490.00 net (Treatment done by an Experienced Artist)

For more information & to book a visit, click here OR +65 97116888

2. The Beaute Canopy

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The Beaute Canopy is a home-based beauty salon that specialises in semi-permanent makeup services, using only premium products and disposable tools from Germany. It is one of the best-recommended beauty salons to get your microblading or eyebrow embroidery done.

What we love most about The Beaute Canopy is that the eyebrow artist does her utmost best in delivering customer satisfaction just so you can get your perfect brows that look natural, soft and fluttery.

For more information & to book a visit, click here OR +65 82330166

3. Brow Studio Expert

Brow Studio Expert is an eyebrow embroidery or microblading specialist. They first established their brand in 2010. The founders, Candy and Crystal, both have a combine experience of more than 9 years in the beauty industry. Rest assured, you’re in good hands.

Also, the Brow Studio Expert prioritises in the quality of their service which brings to the fact that they carefully handpick and import all their products from Korea, Germany and the USA. Additionally, customer satisfaction is also one of the top policies in which they have never failed.

For more information & to book a visit, click here OR +65 81685816