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5 Eyelash Extension Salons in Singapore which will Give you Natural, Thicker Lashes

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Luscious and perfectly curled eyelashes give you that confidence to look at someone straight into their eyes and make a statement. If you like to have that look but you don’t have thick lashes, you may avail eyelash extension services.

Why extend your lashes?

A good lash extension job adds life to your eyes, giving you a  younger and fresher look. Not to mention, eyelash extensions will shorten your makeup routine. It makes your lashline darker, hence you won’t feel the need to apply eyeliner. Some say you can skip mascara in the morning because your lashes look naturally thick already. This means less makeup shopping money and more time to sleep.

The good news? Salons that offer this lash extension services are scattered in Singapore! We’ve put together this quick comparison of lash salons so you can decide where to go when you’re ready to get those lashes extended!


My Sassy Lashes

This lash salon maintains its loyal customers because of two factors—expertise and product quality. They have a popular lash stylist named Yuki who undergo training in Japan to be a certified eyelash specialist and has seven years of experience. Their customers commend Yuki for answering all their queries, whether it’s about the procedure or the product they’re using. Her sincerity helped ease the tension of the patient before and during the eyelash extension.

In addition, all of their products come from Japan (a beauty mecca in Asia). The salon keeps up to their promise of using high-quality eyelash extension products from the lash hair down to the glue.


Location: Singapore Shopping Centre, 5-min walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT station

Cost: Natural lashes for $80, Unlimited Lashes for $150

Insider Tip: They offer more than one eyelash look. Do not be afraid to ask your lash stylist about the kind of lashes that will suit your eye shape (See menu). Also, we advise that you book your appointment through their website. Their schedule is a bit jam packed especially during holidays and weekends.

For more information and to book a visit, click here.


Graceous Eyelash Extension Salon

Graceous is no doubt, one of the well-established Japanese lash salons here in Singapore. Beauty bloggers love them because of their highly skilled and accommodating staff. If you plan to be a regular customer, it’s better if you request the same lash stylists every time you visit. This builds the relationship between the stylist and the customer. The more assured you are during the treatment, the better.


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Location: 9 Mohamed Sultan Road, #03-02

Cost: Natural lashes for $100, Unlimited Lashes, any design for $130

Insider Tip: Similar to My Sassy Lashes, Graceous offers various eyelash looks. They also do your lower lashes (See menu). Because this salon is popular, it’s hard to book a last minute appointment. To schedule an appointment, send them a message on WhatApp or SMS. (River Valley Outlet +65-8699-6045 or Bugis Outlet +65-8799-2454)

For more information and to book a visit, click here.


KJ Studio

KJ Studio brand claims they have skilled Japanese beauticians for both single and volume lash extensions. Their clients are pretty happy with the results of the procedure, mainly because their lash stylists have good customer relations. They recommend the ideal length, thickness, and type of curl that fits the customer and asks for feedback before proceeding to the actual lash extension.  


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Location: 43A Keong Saik Road, 2nd Floor (near the Outram Park and Chinatown MRT stations)

Cost: Classic Single lash extension is $75, Volume lash extension costs $160 up.

Insider tip: The management cancels your booking when you’re 15mins late so show up before your appointment time. They also have a promo for first timers, which is great! Book your appointment via SMS or Whatsapp +65 9151 7246.

For more information and to book a visit, click here.



EyeDesign is an authentic Japanese lash salon that promises to give you natural looking eyelashes every time. That’s why their lash stylists balance the lashes on top and bottom lash line. For best results, combine their volume lash with lower lash extensions.


Location: 60 Tras St., near Tanjong Pagar MRT station

Cost: Their service starts at $100

Insider tip: What makes Devonshire’s service shine is the mini ten piece extension before the actual full eyelash extension. This is to check if the length and thickness of your new lashes will suit you.

For more information and to book a visit, click here.


The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist

This brand who’s popular for their eyebrow enhancement services also dipped their fingers in the eyelash extension department. They have Japanese lashes and Korean fur, mink, silk, or synthetic lashes. Talk to their lash stylists about the type of lashes that suits you. Their customers are highly satisfied with their service and only complain about overbooking.

Location: They have three outlets located in Pacific Plaza, The Domain @ Siglap, and Suntec City

Cost: Korean eyelash extensions start at $78 (see menu)

Insider tip: They started to offer anti-bacterial eyelash extensions recently. Avail it if you have super sensitive skin.

For more information and to book a visit, click here.



Highbrow salon doesn’t promote their brand in a hard sell way—they let their customers talk about them. They have a posh service culture which makes you feel like royalty before, during, and after your appointment. Their highly-trained lash specialists always communicate with their customer in order to achieve the looks that best fits their eye shape.


Location: Three salons in Parkway Parade, Star Vista, and the Capitol Piazza.

Cost: Natural single lash extension for $128 and Clustered lashes for $80 (see menu)

Insider tip: Try the sexy lash, the curvy and voluminous lashes in their set. This makes monolid eyes bigger. With it, you won’t need too much makeup.

For more information and to book a visit, click here.


Have you tried the services of these Japanese and Korean inspired lash salons? What do you think about their services? Share it with us in the comments section below! 🙂

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