Award Winning Beauty Blogger and Author, Faith Tan, Tells All on Her Beauty Journey

By: Farah Khan / September 12, 2021
Categories : #Insider Spotlight

Faith Tan is a Singaporean award winning beauty blogger and e-book author who has been in the beauty industry for many years since she began her beauty blog in 2015. After speaking with Faith, it is no secret that she is very knowledgeable in all things beauty from skincare and makeup to wellness. Also known as Faith Vanity Table, she is also an advocate for mental health. She strongly believes in its significance, especially with how everything revolving around social media today.

Beauty Insider was delighted with the opportunity to explore more about Faith; her interests, inspirations, and the story behind her passions such as beauty, writing, and mental health. Read on to find out all the details we’ve gathered from the beautiful blogger!

About Faith Tan

Who is Faith Tan?

A dreamer born and raised in Singapore, I have always been inspired by the strong women in my life to do good, be good and take courage to chase after my dreams & goals. I have built several businesses since 2007, and was blessed with opportunities to experience a few different interesting career paths. During my free time, I like to indulge in self care activities such as yoga, journaling, reading and fine-tuning my skincare routine. As a mental healthcare volunteer and a caregiver to a family member living with vascular dementia, I take extra care of my mental & physical health. Being physically active promotes feelings of wellness, so I schedule regular evening jogs as well as practise HipHop dancing!

Who are your three biggest inspirations?

My pastor, My Mom, God.

What is the one thing people do not know about you? 

That I used to side-hustle as a tarot reader and a relationship coach, 13 years ago. My clientele were online, and were mainly from America and Europe. My family & closest friends did not even know this! During that period of time, I was already so swamped with my tuition agency business so I thought I’d better not worry my family & friends by revealing that I was compromising on sleep to work through the night.

Besides beauty blogging, writing, and advocating for mental health, what else do you enjoy exploring?

Academic and spiritual subjects such as psychology, philosophy and world religions. I also love challenging myself with trying different forms of dances. Oh yes, I almost forgot I was quite the jet-setter and had totally enjoyed exploring new places/cities/countries pre-Covid! 

Faith Tan on Beauty

You have a deep passion for makeup and beauty. What would you say is the one thing about makeup that excites you the most? 

Colours and textures! The possibilities are endless with makeup!

As someone who creates makeup content, what is the one project you’ve done in relation to makeup that has made the biggest impact in your career?

I think it’s all the little projects and beauty brand collaborations that contribute to where I am today. If I really had to name one makeup project that was the most memorable to me, it has to be an Instagram video collaboration with Etude House where I created a makeup tutorial demonstrating the use of their BB cushion. Back then in 2016, there weren’t TikTok reels yet so my fun video with the catchy Korean pop background music somewhat resembles a TikTok video you see today. It went viral, and the number of followers I got for that month equaled what I get in a year now.

What is the one makeup tip you’ve learned that you will always stand by?

Makeup starts with good skin. Always keep your skin healthy & hydrated so you have a better canvas to draw your art on.

Faith Tan on Being a Beauty Blogger and Author

What was your journey like to become the beauty blogger and author you are today?

Relatively smooth, I guess? I never planned out to be a beauty blogger and author; beauty content creation was just a passion project. It started with my simple love for beauty products, photography and writing… and the rest is history.

You have done a lot in your career from writing your own e-book to being a beauty blogger. What would you say is your favourite project so far?

Definitely creating and maintaining FaithyVanityTable blog during my most active blogging years from 2015 to 2018.

What is your advice to those who would like to explore beauty blogging and content creating?

It’s a tough world right now – the social media sphere is flooded with beauty content that feels all too similar. Be bold and creative, find your own authentic voice and better still, a niche that is uniquely you. 

Faith Tan on Advocating for Mental Health

Social Media plays a big role in one’s mental health especially those who are active on these platforms. As an advocate for mental health, what is the one thing you wish to see more on social media that will help make a change in the perspective of others towards the topic of  mental health and its importance?

I wish that more people can speak up and share their personal experiences with regards to their or their loved ones’ mental health journeys. Mental illnesses are common, just like getting the occasional flu, sometimes our mind health may need more of our attention. Destigmatizing the topic of mental health is vital, so that those-in-need can be more open to step forward and share their stories and/or to get help as early as possible.