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Cfast: Get those Babies in Line – The Fastest Dental Braces in the Market

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If crooked or misaligned teeth are making you feel self-conscious, Singapore dental clinic Smilefocus has a fast, discreet and affordable solution: Cfast. This simple and gentle treatment can align your front teeth in as little as six months!

Cfast versus traditional braces

Traditional braces can take up to 2 years because it corrects the whole bite as well as repositions the teeth in your mouth. Cfast only treats the front teeth that are seen whenever you smile. These are much easier to move than molars, which have more bone density and larger roots. That’s why a Cfast treatment helps you “see fast” results.

Cfast also uses clear brackets and light nickel-titanium wires that gently exert pressure to align the teeth.  This means less discomfort — and since the Cfast braces are practically invisible it is also more discreet!

This doesn’t mean that Cfast is “better” than traditional braces, which may be needed to correct larger dental problems that can affect your ability to chew. However, it could be a good solution for adults who have minor misalignments.

Cfast versus other dental treatments

There are many ways to straighten and align teeth. These include removable teeth aligners which are worn over the teeth, crowns or veneers which reshape or cover the teeth, and lingual braces (braces placed at the back of the teeth).

Each of these orthodontic treatments has their pros and cons.  Depending on the circumstances, Cfast can give faster results than teeth aligners. Since the brackets and wires are strategically placed, the results are more predictable and precise. Crowns and veneers involve preparation of the teeth so the treatment is more “invasive” than simply moving them and may not solve your particular alignment problems.

The dentists at Smilefocus can give you a one-on-one consultation and create a dental treatment plan that is best for your particular case.

Pain and discomfort

Like every orthodontic procedure, you will experience a little discomfort when the Cfast is first fitted because you will be getting used to the pressure and the sensation. However, the lightweight wires only exert very gentle force so the pain is quite light and disappears within a few days.

Diet and dental hygiene

After the initial adjustment period, you will be able to eat as comfortably as you have before. However, it’s best to avoid very hard, sticky or heavily colored food that can dislodge or stain the brace. You may also need to pay extra attention to oral hygiene. During your appointment, the Smilefocus dentists will show you how to care for your teeth during the treatment.

Is Cfast for you?

To find out more about this Cfast Singapore treatment, schedule your appointment with Smilefocus dental clinic.

You can also visit the website or drop by the clinic at Camden Medical Centre, 1 Orchard Boulevard, Singapore, 248649. Contact the Cosmetic Dentistry hotline at 6733 9882 or email

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