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Fat Transfer Singapore Treatments: Go Beyond the Hype and Get The Facts

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Fat transfer Singapore treatments sound like a dream come true: you get some of the extra fat on your body and move it to where you want it, like your breasts or your hips. Some people think it’s like getting both a lipo and breast augmentation – the surgical equivalent of a “Buy 1, Take 1 Deal.” But don’t get too carried away by the fat transfer Singapore hype: there’s a lot of benefits, but a lot of myths and misconceptions, too. Here’s what you need to know about fat transfer.

What is fat transfer?

Fat transfer (sometimes called fat grafting) involves taking excess fat from your own body to add volume or shape in another part of the body. This can include the breast, cheeks, buttocks and hips, and hands.

What is fat transfer for breast augmentation?

Of all possible applications, fat transfer for breast augmentation is the most common. Unlike breast implants, which use artificial materials, you’re using your own tissue. This can lower your risk for rejecting the implant, and for some, makes the procedure more “natural.”

However, don’t assume that using your natural tissue automatically leads to natural-looking boob jobs. Any cosmetic procedure depends entirely on the skill and experience of your surgeon. Even breast implants can look real and feel very comfortable. Experts also say that while the risk of rejecting the implant is lower, it doesn’t necessarily make your breast augmentation “safer.”

“Because fat grafting is so new, no large clinical studies have been done on the procedure. The studies that have been done involve fewer than 100 women and the average follow-up time is less than 4 years,” says BreastCancer.org. This is particularly true for fat transfer breast augmentation by women to reconstruct their breasts after a partial or full mastectomy. In cases where you need to do a lot of changes to the chest area, it may be better to go with a procedure that’s been around for decades.

There’s also the issue of the longevity of fat transfer for breast augmentation – or, how long will my bigger, shapelier boobs last? “In many cases, the fat injected into the breast area may be reabsorbed by the body over time and the breast may lose some volume. This is why some plastic surgeons initially may add more fat than you think you need.”

That’s a real consideration. “In the event that more fat than expected survives, you could be stuck with results that appear overly full for years,” says Dr Kenneth James.

What happens during a fat transfer?

In most fat transfer Singapore treatments, your doctor will take fat tissue from areas like the abdomen or inner thigh. The fat is then processed, through centrifugal force, filtering, or other special rinsing methods.  

In succeeding sessions, fat is reinjected into another part of your body. You may need several sessions, depending on the kind of results you want. A significant size change may take multiple trips to the clinic – so factor that in if you’re comparing fat transfer with breast implants or other body contouring treatments.

Do fat transfer Singapore treatments require surgery and hospitalization?

No. This is an out-patient treatment, so you don’t need to be confined. The doctors will inject local anaesthesia, and then make small incisions on your skin.

Can I use fat transfer to get rid of my belly fat?

There’s actually a limit to how much fat you can take from any part of your body, whether it’s your abdomen or your thighs. Fat transfer is not fat reduction, and it certainly can’t replace the dramatic results of liposuction.

That’s why New York cosmetic surgeon Frank Bell is “dismayed” by misleading campaigns that position fat transfer breast augmentation as an instant way to move unwanted fat to other parts of your body. “It is more accurate to say that fat grafting uses natural tissue for body contouring and that some women prefer that natural choice. It is not a slimming or weight loss treatment. Transferring large amounts of fat are not only impractical but risky.”

What are the benefits and applications of fat transfer Singapore treatments?

This can include the face (nose, cheeks, the nasolabial folds around the mouth, lower eyelids) or the body. Aside from its obvious uses for face and body contouring, it can also smooth out areas that have become sunken or scarred from injuries or surgeries. In some cases, it can help reduce the appearance of dark circles – but only if the shadows are caused by facial structure or loss of collagen and not hyperpigmentation.

 Is fat transfer safe?

On the one hand, fat transfer has fewer risks than surgery, and there are clear benefits to using your own tissue. “When performed by a qualified provider, fat transfers are generally safe; as no one is allergic to their own fat, there is very little risk for adverse effects relating to using fat as a filler,” says cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ira Samson.

However, if fat grafting is not done properly, you have a higher risk of fat embolization – a complication that is potentially fatal. That is why you need to have any fat transfer Singapore treatment done by a credible, experienced and board-certified clinic and doctor. Just because it’s “natural” does not make it risk-free.

Secondly, all cosmetic treatments – even those that are non-invasive – need to be cleared based on your medical history. Some health issues, like poor circulation or slow healing time, may also make fat transfer riskier.

Fat Transfer Vs Other Injectables and Fillers

This is a discussion that you need to have with your aesthetic doctor or plastic surgeon. There are many non-invasive body contouring techniques and rejuvenating treatments. Each one has its own benefits and risks.

A good doctor can explain your options. Many aesthetic clinics offer fat transfer, fillers and injectables, breast implants, liposuction, and more. While fat transfer Singapore promos and ads run rampant, because it is the latest non-invasive trend, a trained professional can cut through the hype and tell you what’s best for you.

For example, Kelly R. initially went for an appointment for breast augmentation. Her doctor had recommended the doctor after a really successful breast lift, to correct the sagging she had after she stopped breastfeeding. However, after talking to her doctor, Kelly realized that her case was very different from her friend’s. “He explained that the shape and size I wanted would cost XX dollars if I used fat transfer, and XX dollars if I used breast implants. We discussed the pros and cons, estimated the price and the number of sessions, and I eventually decided to get an implant instead. I appreciated a doctor who could customize the treatment for me, and was straightforward about the benefits and risks.”

Where can I get fat transfers done in Singapore?

David Loh Surgery

David Loh Surgery, an aesthetic clinic in Singapore, was founded by Dr David Loh in 2002. Then in the year 2013, Dr Phoon Yi Shan joined him. As a guiding philosophy, the practice only provides treatments that have undergone rigorous clinical trials and proven to be safe and effective.

Both doctors in teaching and training. Not only that, they have published medical journals on their filler techniques and the management of complications. Additionally, one of these publications received an award from the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal in 2019.

Dr David Loh, President of the Society of Aesthetic Medicine, has been performing fat grafting to the face and various parts of the body since 2007. He incorporates a patented method of separating the fats into different sizes which are: Milli, Micro and Nano-fats. These are the various fractions of fat after filtration and separation.

On the other hand, while milli-fat is good for lifting and sculpting, micro-fat is good for softening facial features. As for Nano-fat, it has skin booster properties. Hence, fat grafting can mimic dermal fillers in terms of delivery and clinical benefits.

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