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Our Favourite Crazy Rich Asians Looks–We Found The Makeup Used!

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Yes, we confess. We are more than obsessed with Crazy Rich Asians and what a film like this means to us from Asia. So we broke down four beauty looks from some of the movie’s most exciting and interesting female characters. And we even included the actual makeup used on set. Channel your favourite CRA with the beauty notes below!

Rachel Chu (played by Constance Wu)

Her beauty style is functional and practical, as an economics professor in New York. Crazy Rich Asians lead makeup artist and hairstylist Heiki Merker chose to stick to neutral eyeshadows and pink tint on her lips. This suits wash and wear girls who do not like to spend too much time doing their makeup. Chu’s looks were meant to enhance Constance Wu’s natural beauty whether it was to meet the family, attend Singapore’s event of the year, or even a bachelorette party,

The biggest challenge in shooting Crazy Rich Asians was the humidity of Malaysia and Singapore. Merker used Peripera Oil Capture Pact to keep oil at bay and avoid looking cakey.

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Astrid Leong-Teo (played by Gemma Chan)

She is seen as the Asian Audrey Hepburn–not a hair out of place and always well-groomed. We particularly loved her red lips at the party hosted by the Young family. To channel the glamorous and kind Astrid, paint your lips a classic cool-toned red lipstick. Keep the rest of your look subdued, just enhancing your other features like your eyes and cheekbones. For your hair, the secret to looking “crazy rich” is healthy, shiny hair. Apply just a bit of hair serum before stepping out the door.

Eleanor Young (played by Michelle Yeoh)

If Astrid is the face of glamour, then Eleanor is the face of grace. Merker said the Young’s beauty looks were always meant to look like she had someone in house who was doing her hair and makeup. This means her hair is always perfect and her makeup is never too much, as a character who comes from old money. Eleanor, like Astrid, do not overtly wear their net worth on a daily basis. And compared to characters who were wealthy but considered as new money, Eleanor most likely uses only earth tones and stays away from glitter. 

Goh Peik Lin (played by Awkwafina)

Speaking of glitter, this character was one of the many in the movie who got to use much of it for her look. Rachel Chu’s college roommate played by Awkwafina is from a new money family. Plus her over the top personality also works well with glitter. Lin had lots of eyeliner to bring out her eyes. And Awkwafina’s hair was not dyed blonde and chopped, she wore a wig. Merker said the team initially thought of Lin having different looks in each of her scenes. But they realized it was too much so they decided to stick to making her a contrast to the other characters. 

Merker found many makeup brands from Malaysia and Singapore that carried glitter and looked great on camera. Chosungah22 Real Cheek Smoother, $31 each, and Chonsungah22 Jello Color Kit in #1, $60, were used.

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