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Find out How Ultherapy Can Help in losing your Fat Face

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If you haven’t heard of the now famous “Ultherapy”, you have probably been living under a rock. This non-invasive skin tightening procedure has made its debut about 3, 4 years ago and is still making quite a buzz up to now. It was even featured on the Dr. Oz show and is known for its fat face loss capabilities!

Even celebrities known for timeless beauty and beauty moguls are part of the cult that follows and believes in this procedure- from Courtney Cox, to the Kim K., even the timeless classic beauty Jennifer Aniston.

Ultherapy has stood as a great alternative for fat face loss and skin lifting minus the knife and needles. It can be done on areas that have fats that are tough to trim down such as the chin, neck, cheeks, and even on the eyebrow. This non-invasive procedure have flocked people who are not big fans of skin tightening surgeries.

When you Google your way through Ultherapy, you will be greeted with impressive before and after results. Some even claim how this procedure made them look 10 years younger! Even we, here in Beauty Insider, are amazed!

Ultherapy uses the ultrasound technology. However, it is not comparable to the likes of lasers and radio frequency treatments because this one goes deep into the skin tissues. That way, the right amount of ultrasound energy and heat are delivered to the right spots. Once the ultrasound energy and heat passes through, it triggers the skin to restart its reformative process, hence, pushes your body to produce fresh collagen again.

Collagen is known to be the main ingredient hugely responsible to making the skin healthy and tight. When assisted with Ultherapy, your skin is pushed to deliver an even better tightening result.

Each procedure only lasts an average of 25 minutes. It has no substances involved, and provides a noticeable but natural effect especially when done religiously. Imagine having a more chiseled face, sans the lines and wrinkles by a treatment that quick and easy?

It is not a painless treatment, though. There are many flaks you will come across online about how Ultherapy feels during the procedure. But this is what’s beautiful about Ultherapy- the machine is tuneable, allowing the doctors to adjust the settings depending on what a particular patient can only handle. We guess it goes with saying here that truly, no pain no gain!

As with any other treatments like this, you will see minimal results right after each procedure but the long-term effect is worth it!

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