If you’re below 18 years old, please leave. The rest can stay. Anyway, according to a recent study by medical journal Phytomedicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is over 90% effective in alleviating COVID-19 symptoms and can reduce its death rate. But it turns out that TCM benefits go beyond that. Whilst western medication uses hormone replacement therapy or estrogenic creams to alleviate and some forms of sexual disorders as well as pain from sex, TCM can also provide a long- term solution to addressing problems in sexual wellness. 

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Master Ruth, a Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner,

According to Master Ruth, a Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner, she said, sexual fulfilment can be overburdened by stress, work and family, and some may even loose desire in experiencing the joy of sexuality. “Many of my female clients coming for TCM treatments have blockages in their sexual energies. Some are going through postpartum journeys, adapting to new household changes and responsibilities that impact the quality of their sexual health. Some suffer from fertility issues and lose spontaneity and intimacy in situations where the client’s main goal of sexual intercourse is to conceive. Some have painstaking breakups or long-distance relationships’’ Master Ruth added, ‘’All of these resulting in sexual frustration, separation and loneliness then turn into physical and emotional issues.”

How Is Sexual Wellness Viewed In Traditional Chinese Medicine?

The foundation of sexual wellness in Traditional Chinese medicine is not about the genitals, but mainly in a more unexpected organ: the kidney. This system is not just a filtration organ but also the root of life. From the TCM perspective, it stores the essence of our vitality and longevity, allowing women to conceive and men to fertilise. Sexual desire also depends on the equilibrium of the Yin and Yang of the kidney. Kidney Yang is like sunshine in our body, it warms the reproductive sex organs, while Kidney Yin is like water streams in our body, nourishing the essence. 

As the energies of the kidney’s Yin and Yang build up through body contractions of the uterus during the release of orgasm, such accumulated energy promotes the free flow of Qi. When the Yin and Yang of the kidney are healthy and in balance, sexual vitality and performance are likely to be strong. Hm, I learned something today. 

Benefits Of Traditional Chinese Medicine In Sexual Wellness

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a holistic therapy: there is no single herb or acupuncture point that magically transforms people into a sexual animal. According to a recent survey by pleasure brand We-Vibe, Singapore residents rank their average libido at 6.58 on a scale from 1 to 10. They also rank an average satisfaction of 6.19 on their intimate lives. From a TCM perspective, low libido and unsatisfying sexual performance are rooted in an underlying imbalance and lack of harmony between the Yin and the Yang. 

Amongst others, TCM can provide the following sexual wellness benefits:

  • Boosts natural lubrication
  • Improves your desire
  • Enhances intimate senses and response to stimuli
  • Improves bed performance and boost stamina
  • Regulates hormone dysfunction
  • Balances body, mind and spirit to relieve stress
  • Balances your overall hormones

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