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Foot Reflexology Treatment vs. Foot Massage: Know the Difference!

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Foot reflexology is not just a fancy word for a foot massage. While both treatments will help you feel a lot better after a long and exhausting week, they give different benefits. (We think that’s actually a good reason to get both!)

What is Foot Reflexogy?

Reflexology is a special practice that involves putting pressure on “reflex zones” found on your feet, hands, and ears.

These reflex zones are like hot buttons that affect the rest of your body. That’s because the pressure triggers nerves which are connected to other body parts. When you get a foot reflexogy treatment, you’re not just easing foot pain, you’re also addressing other health problems.

For example, the tips of the toes are connected to the head and the brain. Applying pressure on this area can help relieve headaches and migraines. Meanwhile, the area below your middle toe corresponds to your eyes. This is an important reflex zone for those who have vision problems or eye fatigue from staring at a computer screen the whole day.

Other reflex zones in the foot affect the intestine (digestion), lower back, neck, knees, thyroid, liver and more.

Foot Reflexology Chart

Can a Foot Massage Therapist give Foot Reflexology?

No. While all foot massages will involve applying pressure, only a trained and experienced foot reflexologist knows how and where to press. Randomly pushing and manipulating foot tissue won’t active a reflex zone.

There are some spas that will combine both reflexology treatment and a foot massage, and the therapist has a basic working knowledge of reflex zones and put pressure on some parts of the feet. But that’s not the same thing as a “pure” foot reflexology session.

Always ask if what you’re getting is a foot massage with a little reflexology thrown in, or if you will be seeing a trained reflexologist. Both are great – who doesn’t love a relaxing massage, right? – but it all depends on what you want and need.

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