Frankincense: The King of Oils, Worthy As A Gift To Jesus

By: Farah Khan / November 23, 2021
Categories : Skincare

Have you heard of Frankincense before? This ingredient is known as the King of Oils for the extensive benefits it provides to the skin. With this, Aromatic Global uses Frankincense in many of its products to provide their customers with the best for their skin. From their Facial Soap to Eye Creams, they have a whole set of skincare that carries the King of Oils. 

Let us tell you more about Frankincense, why this ingredient is no typical ingredient and that everyone should have it in their routine to give their skin the love it deserves. 

Frankincense, Gold, and Myrrh: Gifts To Baby Jesus

During the birth of Jesus, many special guests from far and wide attended. History and custom have contributed to filling in the blanks about these special attendees, including their amount of guests, names, and arrival time. The list of presents delivered to Jesus, which includes gold, frankincense, and myrrh, is one part of the visit that has generally evaded change. What would a baby do with these gifts? You’re not alone in wondering how these presents might be useful to a newborn.

The presents’ fundamental importance rested in their high value—they were truly gifts suited for a king! Apart from stating that they were magnificent treasures presented in an act of devotion, further symbolic significance were not found in old scriptures. Although, without straying too far into extrabiblical interpretation, it’s feasible to derive a few probable conclusions from the wise men’s gifts to baby Jesus. These priceless presents were obviously given with the intention to glorify Jesus, but they might also have had greater theological meaning.

The Significance of Frankincense As A Gift

Frankincense is a fragrant gum resin that is still widely used in the Middle East and Africa to this day. It is derived by scraping the bark of a particular local tree species and gathering the dried resin beads. It gives out a beautiful scent when burned as incense. However, frankincense’s costly price made it unsuitable for use as a common home air freshener in the ancient near east. Despite this, the burning of frankincense was strongly linked to God worship. In this approach, the wise men’s gift of frankincense to Jesus may have suggested that they recognised and accepted the infant king’s prophesy as a claim to divinity.

Like gold, frankincense may have an implicit link to Old Covenant Temple worship. Incense burning at the altar was an important aspect of God’s sacrifice system for use in the Tabernacle and, subsequently, the Temple. However, according to Exodus 30, not just any incense will suffice. The only incense allowed at the altar was a special blend of spices combined with “pure frankincense”. A possible link between the act and Jesus’ life as a pure and holy gift to the Lord can be concluded from this.

Aromatic Global’s Frankincense Soap


Now that you’ve read about the significance of The King of Oils and what makes it so special, Beauty Insider is ready to introduce you to the golden Frankincense Soap. This soap is elegantly designed with the combination of frankincense essential oil, coconut oil extracts, palm fruit extracts, and the essences of other plants. Shaped like a golden egg, it provides deep cleansing and hydration to all skin types! It is suitable for even sensitive skin. With diligent and long term use, you will be able to see your skin transform to a more fresh and young look. The soap reduces fine lines and other signs of ageing by enhancing the suppleness and luster of your skin. 

Oman: The Home of The Best Quality of Frankincense

The majority of the world’s supply of this oil comes from Somalia, Eritrea, and Yemen, all of which have been ravaged by violence and war in recent years, affecting frankincense production in the region. Although, calm and peaceful Oman produces the world’s finest – and most costly – frankincense, dubbed the “Sweat of the Gods” by ancient Egyptians. Even until today, the people of Oman still practice the use of frankincense and it remains an integral part of their culture. Visit Oman and you will be able to see it everywhere; from food, and incense, to skincare as its benefits know no limits. 

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