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Frequent Traveller? Find Out Some of the Best Tips to Pamper Your Skin In-flight

Summer’s here and it’s finally the season for travelling. Check out some of the best tips to pamper yourself during a long haul flight for amazing, glowy skin!

Tip no. 1: Remove your makeup before you sleep

Nothing spells ACNE faster than sleeping on a plane with a face full of makeup. No matter how minimal your makeup is, the dry air on planes coupled with makeup draws moisture from your skin, leading to clogged pores, irritation and acne. If you want to maintain healthy glowy skin for all your travel selfies, don’t sleep on makeup removal!

PRO TIP: Pack makeup remover wipes. Try the Simple Kind to Skin Micellar Cleansing Wipes available at Watsons!

These makeup remover wipes are a lifesaver as each wipe is already soaked with micellar water, making makeup removal gentle, yet effective. Simply swipe your skin with a wipe or two and your skin is makeup-free. No rinsing is required; which means there is no need to get up from your seat just to wash your skin again.

Of course, double cleansing is always recommended to ensure that your skin is really clean. But if you think double cleansing is a hassle, a good makeup remover wipe will remove everything so no worries about stubborn leftover makeup!

Tip no. 2: Apply a sheet mask

Convert an arduous airplane journey into a mini pamper session with sheet masks! Simply unfold the cotton mask gently from its packaging and place it onto your skin. Voila, a mundane flight is immediately transformed to a mini spa session! Don’t worry too much about looking silly; most travellers are going to be sleeping and minding their own business anyway!

For an extra luxurious pamper session, add a steam mask into your in-flight skincare routine! The gentle warmth of the mask soothes tired eyes, keeping you calm and relaxed during a long haul flight.

PRO TIP: Not all sheet masks are created equal! SQ flight attendants recommend sheet masks with bio-cellulose fibres instead of regular cotton sheet masks because they do a better job at retaining moisture on your skin. Try the For Beloved One Extreme Hydration Bio-cellulose mask available at!

If you are too shy to apply a sheet mask in public, a sleeping mask will also do the trick. Try the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask available at all major department stores! Transfer into a contact lens holder for easy application in-flight.

Tip no. 3: Moisturise

To ensure your skin stays hydrated throughout the flight, apply a creamy moisturiser after you are done with your mask to seal in all the goodies your skin needs. It might seem like extra work, but trust me, keep your skin happy during a long haul flight and your efforts will be rewarded!

PRO TIP: Recommended by popular beauty guru Tanya Burr, the Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Skin Protectant is a great travel-friendly all-in-one moisturiser to take with you on the plane. Use this on your hands, face and even lips to maintain healthy happy skin on the air.

Tip no. 4: Cover up with makeup

Before landing, apply some tinted moisturiser with some SPF instead. Although it does not provide full coverage like a foundation would, it is good enough to lighten any dark circles, blemishes and acne you may have while giving your skin a healthy dewy finish. It’s lightweight and hydrating formula makes it easy to apply with just your fingers, making application a breeze. Make sure it contains at least 30 SPF for adequate sun protection!

Now that you look and feel amazing with our in-flight skincare tips, have fun while you take as many selfies to your heart’s content!

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