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Get 2017’s top hair trend with Chorus Supernatural shampoo

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Long, straight hair is one of the big beauty trends of 2017. Both on the runway and the Hollywood red carpet, every glam girl showed off simple but oh so sophisticated do’s: hair parted in the center, or tucked behind the ear. This proves one thing: when hair is naturally healthy and shiny, it needs very little styling to be pretty.

The secret is in the shampoo

You don’t have to do much — all the work is done by your shampoo! Look for a gentle shampoo that cleans your hair without stripping it of moisture. Dry hair looks dull and is prone to split-ends.

Then, break up with your styling tools. That straightening iron and blowdryer needs to go back into the drawer. You’re stuck in a vicious cycle: you style your hair because it looks limp or unruly, but it’s limp and unruly because it’s damaged from styling.  Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner and nurture your hair back to its healthiest state.

Out with the bad, in with the good

Chorus Supernatural Gentle Shampoo  and Volumize Shampoo are full of natural extracts and 100% free of harmful chemicals like sulfates. In fact, the two are EWG-certified  for low risk of irritation and toxicity. You can trust these award-winning hair care products to be safe for you and amazing for your hair.

You’ll feel the difference. The hops, rosemary, nettle and gotu kola help your hair regain shine and softness. These also nourish the scalp, and strengthen and moisturize each strand.

If this is the first time you’ll use a natural product, you’ll notice that the shampoo may be less foamy than you’re used to. That’s because Chorus does not add harsh foaming agents.  But the cleaning and moisturizing power is in the natural plant extracts, not the bubbles. Once you rinse it off, you will see the difference. Even damaged hair will become stronger and less prone to frizziness and flyaways. Your hair becomes easier to control, because it’s not weighed down with ingredients that make it dry or over-greasy. You’ll also pick up a clean, fresh scent that comes from its extracts and not artificial fragrances.

Tried, tested and loved!

Chorus Supernatural has been tried and tested by beauty bloggers, and even received a Beauty Insider Beauty Award – beating several well-known brands because of the visible results it achieved in just a few days of use. Testers said hair was smoother, shinier, and softer. And the scents were instant moodlifters! You have to love a shampoo and conditioner range that puts the bounce back in your hair and your step.

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