5 Reasons You Should Opt For Customised Facials & Where To Get Them

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Facial treatments in Singapore are a dime a dozen. However, it is hard to figure out what is going to work for a specific skin type. Even though many of us may have the same skin types, we don’t specifically have the same skin, neither does it feel or respond the same way to facial treatments. Customised facials can target a number of skin concerns from premature ageing to environmental damage to your skin.

Many of us have honed our skincare regimens for many years, and sometimes a facial can mess up that delicate process. We at Beauty Insider believe in the process of customising your facials to suit your individual skin needs. These five beauty salons promise to do just that!

Tailored to you & you only

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Just like how no two snowflakes are the same, your skin is the same too. You may have the same skin type as another person but you will not exactly have the same skin. Hence, when we go in for a customised facial, your beautician or skin specialist will be able to identify and treat your skin’s concerns. With this, you will not only be getting a better facial to suit the needs of your skin, but you will also be able to take better care of it at home.

Achieve what’s impossible to do at home

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When you go in for a facial, especially a customised facial, your skin will be deeply cleansed the way you cannot possible to at home. According to experts, a monthly facial is absolutely vital as the facial service provided by a beautician or skin specialist cannot be replicated at home. For example, when they steam your skin or even extract your deeply rooted blemishes and impurities. The reason we cannot do this at home is that we have the tendency to do it unsafely and end up accidentally scarring or damaging your skin.

Get your dream skin

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A proper skincare regime is vital to maintain and upkeep your complexion to have healthy and glowing skin. However, as you include customised facials into your skincare regime, it takes your skin into a whole other level. For example, if you have severe skin concerns like blemishes that do simply disappear, a professional might be able to help you and get rid of your skin concerns once and for all. After all, they’ve been highly trained to do so.

Slow down & prevent ageing

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As hard as it is to accept the fact that we’re all going to age someday, none of us wants to. Even though we might not be able to slow down the ageing process of our lives, we are able to slow down the ageing of our skin. When you visit a beautiful or skin specialist for a customised facial, they will identify the areas of your skin where ageing is forming and they will be able to reduce the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles with the use of exfoliating peels and treatments. Not only that, but experts also say that a professional facial helps stimulate the development of collagen in your skin!

Taking time to care for yourself

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Even though the main goal and benefit of a customised facial are to specifically target and improve your skin, you should also take note that it is a sort of spa treatment. Regular and constantly facials allow you to relax and unwind. The “me” time in this process helps your mental health as well. Other than that, yes, a customised facial may seem like a bit of an investment, but it will completely pay if you intend to put your best face forward. Regularise customised facials to maintain the health of your skin!

Where can I get customised facials in Singapore?

Peachy Skin Bar

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Peachy Skin Bar is Singapore’s first bespoke membership skin bar. Also, this beauty salon has also been awarded the “Best Bespoke Facial” in Singapore. If you’re familiar with the Japanese language, you’d already know the term “Omakase”. It is derived from the Japanese verb “makasu”, which means to trust and leave it to an expert to make decisions.

You can completely leave all the treatment decisions to the beauty therapists at the Peachy Skin Bar. During this Signature Omakase Facial treatment, you will be experiencing a 70-minute treatment that will be customised to the needs of your skin using the blending of products and carefully selecting dermatology-grade aesthetic machines for your treatment.

What’s really special about Peachy Skin Bar is their high level of craftsmanship and the freedom of the therapists using any medical-grade equipment as long as it is suitable for your skin – just like a buffet! Additionally, an ultra-luxe silk mask which is infused with crystal gels will also be used on your face as a massage medium.

Take note: First-timers can enjoy the Omakase Facial + FOC RF Neck Lift treatment at the trial price of $90/ session for their 1st and 2nd visit. T&Cs apply.

WhatsApp: +65 8892 3378

For more information & book an appointment with Peachy Skin Bar, click here


Skinlab’s customised facial treatment is one that is a good fit for first-timers. With state-of-the-art technology that helps to pinpoint your personal skin type and even skin concern, you can be sure to walk away with not just better skin but better information as to what exactly works for your skin type.

Their “Customised Facial” option allows you tailor the treatment to your particular skin needs. The benefits of such a customised facial treatment is that it allows prioritisation for particular skin concerns as well as the time allocated for these treatments.

For example if blackheads and whiteheads are a struggle for a particular customer, their facial treatment will be prioritised for extraction and microdermabrasion. Other add ons can be included for additional costs such as eyebrow shaping or a skin peel.

WhatsApp:+65 6235 3246

Book an appointment today and walk away with the best skin of your life!

Chez Moi De Beaute

Chez Moi is a brand that prides itself with using only the best of the best in aesthetic led skincare. Based at Far East Plaza for some time now, it has accrued for itself quite the following of satisfied customers. That coupled with their commitment to professional conduct makes this place our choice for customised facial treatments.

Chez Moi’s “Miracle Cocktail Cell Repair” customised facial treatment, uses Skin Origin products to give you the best outcome possible on your visit. The product line is infused with peptides and caters to a wide variety of skins. It specifically treats Asian skin and thus understands the primary concerns faced by Singaporeans.

The Miracle Cocktail Treatment is extracted from pure concentrate and delivers instant results with a lovely cocktail of treatments that work for anyone- including sensitive skin. A mixture of amino acids and pure ingredients work together with nutrients in the skin to produce the best results money can buy! Suitable for any skin type from sensitive, dry and even ageing.

WhatsApp:+65 8721 8123

Book your appointment at Chez Moi and get your customised facial treatment!



Elements is a household brand name that both the young and old are familiar with. Elements has a variety of facial treatments to suit every skin type. Their testimonials of happy customers helps us back them as a brand.

Their new and improved customised facial treatments infuses research of popular Asian skincare problems with top-notch skincare lines. They range from renewing, radiance boosting and anti-ageing treatments.

Elements’ customised facial treatments are non-evasive and gently resurface your skin texture to rejuvenate complexion and help promote skin cell growth. They cater to your individual skin needs and are a salon with no hard selling or fake promises .

WhatsApp:+65 8721 8123

Book an appointment with Elements and walk away a new you!

New York Skin Solutions

New York Skin Solutions has been around for decades. With signature treatments that cater to individual skin needs, New York Skin Solutions understands individual skin concerns while providing practical solutions to add to your daily routine.

Our favourite part about New York, is that they have their own skincare line that you can continue at home, to ensure the longevity of the treatments administered.

Their HydroCollagen+ facial treatment is a customer favourite and cab be customised to perform maximum hydrating benefits for the individual skin type. This medical-grade skincare treatment is sure to leave your skin feeling nourished and rejuvenated.

WhatsApp:+65 9230 4608

Book an appointment and try out their skin solutions and find out if they work for you!