Get Obsessed with These Customised Facial Treatments from 4 Salons in Singapore!

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Facial treatments in Singapore are a dime a dozen. However, it is hard to figure out what is going to work for a specific skin type. Many of us have honed our skincare regimens for many years, and sometimes a facial can mess up that delicate process. We at Beauty Insider believe in the process of customising your facials to suit your individual skin needs. These five beauty salons promise to do just that!

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Skinlab’s customised facial treatment is one that is a good fit for first-timers. With state-of-the-art technology that helps to pinpoint your personal skin type and even skin concern, you can be sure to walk away with not just better skin but better information as to what exactly works for your skin type.

Their “Customised Facial” option allows you tailor the treatment to your particular skin needs. The benefits of such a customised facial treatment is that it allows prioritisation for particular skin concerns as well as the time allocated for these treatments.

For example if blackheads and whiteheads are a struggle for a particular customer, their facial treatment will be prioritised for extraction and microdermabrasion. Other add ons can be included for additional costs such as eyebrow shaping or a skin peel.

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Chez Moi De Beaute

Chez Moi is a brand that prides itself with using only the best of the best in aesthetic led skincare. Based at Far East Plaza for some time now, it has accrued for itself quite the following of satisfied customers. That coupled with their commitment to professional conduct makes this place our choice for customised facial treatments.

Chez Moi’s “Miracle Cocktail Cell Repair” customised facial treatment, uses Skin Origin products to give you the best outcome possible on your visit. The product line is infused with peptides and caters to a wide variety of skins. It specifically treats Asian skin and thus understands the primary concerns faced by Singaporeans.

The Miracle Cocktail Treatment is extracted from pure concentrate and delivers instant results with a lovely cocktail of treatments that work for anyone- including sensitive skin. A mixture of amino acids and pure ingredients work together with nutrients in the skin to produce the best results money can buy! Suitable for any skin type from sensitive, dry and even ageing.

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Elements is a household brand name that both the young and old are familiar with. Elements has a variety of facial treatments to suit every skin type. Their testimonials of happy customers helps us back them as a brand.

Their new and improved customised facial treatments infuses research of popular Asian skincare problems with top-notch skincare lines. They range from renewing, radiance boosting and anti-ageing treatments.

Elements’ customised facial treatments are non-evasive and gently resurface your skin texture to rejuvenate complexion and help promote skin cell growth. They cater to your individual skin needs and are a salon with no hard selling or fake promises .

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New York Skin Solutions has been around for decades. With signature treatments that cater to individual skin needs, New York Skin Solutions understands individual skin concerns while providing practical solutions to add to your daily routine.

Our favourite part about New York, is that they have their own skincare line that you can continue at home, to ensure the longevity of the treatments administered.

Their HydroCollagen+ facial treatment is a customer favourite and cab be customised to perform maximum hydrating benefits for the individual skin type. This medical-grade skincare treatment is sure to leave your skin feeling nourished and rejuvenated.