Technology and skincare have mingled more than ever before in recent years. Now, we have access to a plethora of high-tech tools and devices, which might be overwhelming if you’re seeking a place to start. We’ve got you covered so you can have a simple introduction to beauty tools. With that, Beauty Insider is introducing to you the GLOWGEAR The Glowdrop 4-in-1 Facial Device- the perfect do-it-all for everyone.


GLOWGEAR is a skin and self-care device company that creates items for people of different genders, skin types, and interests. Mia Samtani, the founder of GLOWGEAR, thinks that skin health is for everyone and is dedicated to creating practical products that inspire fearless confidence and celebrate diversity. Discover GLOWGEAR’s multi-functional, user-friendly gadgets for glowing, healthy skin.

About The GLOWGEAR The Glowdrop 4-in-1 Facial Device

A sonic silicone face appliance with four game-changing skincare innovations in one: cleansing, LED-refreshing, massaging, and boosting your shine. With 8000 GlowSONIC vibrations, this face gadget removes debris, germs, oil, and dead skin, noticeably smoothing and refining pores. With the innovative Sonic Massage Tip, it bathes skin in revitalising Red and Blue LED lights and melts away face stress.

Warming your skin to deeply infuse components from your serums, masks, and moisturisers, the Thermo-Glo Booster boosts moisture and radiance from all your skincare products. One strong at-home gadget delivers fresh, light-reflecting skin and the ultimate 2-minute self-care experience.

Naturally, the bacteria-resistant silicone bristles remove dirt and pollutants without scrubbing or straining, leaving your skin baby smooth. Additionally, you may use the curved edge as a gua sha tool around your jawline. In the mornings, this will assist to shape and depuff your face.

Price: $120.00

Where to buy: Sephora