Skincare Habits

Good Skincare Habits for Your Underarms that You Need to Master

What’s your skincare routine like? Does it include few steps involving your underarms? No? Well, maybe it’s time we talk about a real good skincare routine. A little underarm care habits reminder pit stop, if you will.

We’re sure you have your own little world of habits you love to do everyday. As a woman in this time and age, where beauty, hygiene and health are of utmost importance, there is no “top” priority in taking care of yourself- everything is expected to be on the same level of importance.

Many tend to miss out on giving enough care for this one particular area, our underarms, because it’s usually hidden under pieces of clothing- unlike our faces, or our arms and legs when we flaunt them with sexy dresses.

While giving great attention to our facial and body hair looks easy, many overlook underarms as it still remain as somewhat a private part and as one, our underarms need and deserve some TLC too just like the rest of our body parts:

Good Skincare Habits for Your Underarms that You Need to Master


Just like how the rest of our body needs to be cleansed daily, our underarms needs that same. As what you will do with your face at the end of everyday, giving your underarms a regular wash with mild sold and making sure to dry them properly by taping and dapping a soft towel onto your skin could surprise you with a great sense of relief!



Exfoliating the underarms area once a week can help prevent darkening from happening. It’s way to keep your underarms white, bright and light! Exfoliating also encourages your hair to grow properly and takes away the hassle of ingrown hairs ad hair bumps! Make sure to do not overdue this as it can encourage chicken skin.



Proper moisture and hydration are different from sweat! These have, in fact, a great deal of benefits for your health. When underarms are left dry, it can cause skin damage, darkening of the area and even a rough surface. This is the reason why shaving creams and laser gels are infused with moisturizing agents.


Remove hair

There are now various ways to remove hair. While armpit hair is natural, it is still hygienic for women to remove them. Hair is one of the culprits for odor. You can go for waxing, laser hair removal treatments, or simple opt to do it on your own with a razor. The important thing is to never skip moisturizing, and never wax or shave do it more than 3 times on the same area to avoid redness, irritation and damage on skin tissues that leads to darkening.



Good skincare habits paired with a deodorant that works well for you is a dream come true! Make sure to always give it a few minutes after removing hair before you put on your deodorants. There are studies that claim deodorants can be the reason for dark underarms, so it pays to make sure you are using a deo that’s gentle and safe to use for sensitive skin.

Good Skincare Habits for Your Underarms that You Need to Master

Watch what you eat

It is normal to have our body scents. Mostly, our own body scents have a great deal to do with our lifestyle- what we do, and most importantly, what we eat. The healthier you eat, the less you will smell. In fact, engulfing in a diet that’s packed with fruits and vegetables could help make your body scent smell extra good!