Your Guide to 2018’s Hair Color Trends

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / June 26, 2018
Categories : Hair

What are the hair color trends you need to know about? Dyeing your hair is a fun way to get a new look. If you are getting a new cut, you can highlight it further by changing the color of your hair. Thinking of an easy way to change up your look without touching the length? Why not try these fringe styles based on your face shape.

If you are already decided on changing up the color of your hair, here area the top shades for you to look into. Plus what you need to keep your hair healthy and gorgeous. All these shades boardroom appropriate!

  1. Go red

Veer away from the usual brown tones by trying a bit of red hues. Look for shades that say “auburn”, “copper”, and “mahogany”. It can be intimidating to switch to this color but with the right shade for your skin tone, anyone can pull this off. Mix it with a bit of browns if you do not want anything too drastic and are just going for warmer tones. Do not forget to pull out your favorite red lipstick after dyeing your hair red—yes, it is a great combo!



Wash your hair with OUAI Clean Shampoo, $42 which gently detoxifies hair without breaking down the color. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly, or coiled, this shampoo will work its wonders and protect your new dye.

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  1. Return to inky black

Born with naturally black hair already? You are in luck because your natural hair color is today’s trend! You can still amp up your jetblack hair by dyeing it to get that silky, shiny, gorgeous ebony hair. Be careful to adjust your makeup when going darker, you might find that your usual “barely there” makeup style is not enough. Do not be afraid to add more color to your face to keep from looking too pale with your new dark hair. Look for a soft pink blush or a soft bronzer to give your cheeks color.

Keep your hair smooth and shiny with Living Proof Perfect Hair Conditioner, $32. This weightless conditioner will nourish your hair and keep it looking healthy. It is made for color-treated hair and is free from parabens and phthalates.

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  1. Try ash brown

Lighten up your usual brown hair with an ashy tone. This color looks great as an ombre, or darker from the roots and lighter at the tips. You can even go from your natural hair color and dye only the bottom. For that carefree girl vibe, style your ash brown hair with mermaid waves.

Keep your hair moisturized with OUAI Clean Conditioner, $39. This conditioner works on all hair types and detoxifies hair while hydrating it. It also enhances shine and protects the color. It is infused with Smart Technology Complex™ which keeps hair healthy and is nourished.

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