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Easy Hair Hacks that Will Make Your Hair Look Instantly Thicker

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I was born with very thin, fine hair. While I never had to worry about frizziness, I always struggled to get volume. My hair always looked flat and limp, and I was too lazy to blowdry it every morning. Thank goodness for these hair hacks for thicker hair!

I’ve tried every trick for thicker hair, including a really bad perm in high school that made me look like an electrocuted poodle, and flipping my bangs the opposite way (works for some, not for me). These are the hair hacks for thicker hair that made a difference.

Get a thickening shampoo and conditioner

These hair products strike that perfect balance of strengthening your hair without weighing down your strands.

By the way, there’s a difference between hair thickening shampoos and hair loss shampoos. Hair thickeners add volume and lift, while hair growth shampoos usually focus on strengthening the scalp. Some shampoos do both, but you won’t always get the same results as a hair product that’s designed especially for making your hair look thicker. Try:

Kerastase Bain Densité Shampoo

Buy now: $151 for 1000ml, DesertCart or at selected salons

Developed especially for fine, limp or thinning hair, this shampoo gently cleans off oils or dirt — and yes, your strands do feel and look thicker! Amazon reviews give it 4.5 stars, with women saying that this was best thickening shampoo they’ve ever tried. ” Finally, a shampoo that adds volume and density without leaving my hair feeling sticky, tacky or weighed down. My stylist recommended this shampoo for my fine, flat hair and it has really made a difference,” says Jab.

PHS Hairscience FEM Thickening Shampoo

Buy now: $54, PHS

This popular shampoo for thin, limp hair is made of more than 50% Korean botanical essences. It gets rid of buildup but doesn’t irritate your scalp with toxic chemicals — really important if you want to prevent future hair loss! Check out Beauty Insider’s PHS HairScience Fem Thickening Shampoo review!

HASK Mint Almond Thickening Shampoo

Buy now: $16.90,. Guardian

One of the most affordable thickening shampoos in Singapore! It contains The BIo3 Thickening Complex: made of ginseng, gleditschia and white nettle extracts that are rich in omega fatty acids and vitamin E to increase your hair’s body and volume. Peppermint oil invigorates your scalp. Free of sulfates and other harmful chemicals! Influenster reviews gave it 4.5 stars.

Cut your hair above the shoulders

If you have thin hair, opt for a cut that is short to medium length,” SAYS stylist Nick Penna. “Fine or thin hair will be weighed down by length, and can look stringy.” He recommends blunt cuts. Here are some celebrity hairstyles to inspire you:

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Apply dry shampoo to your roots

Dry shampoo doesn’t just keep your hair clean between washes. The starches and powders in this wonder product can also increase friction in between strands, which fluffs it up and adds volume. Find five affordable dry shampoos in Singapore.

Try hair extensions

Hair extensions are one of our favorite hair hacks for thicker hair: you get instant length and volume, and achieve all sorts of hairstyles that are usually impossible with thin hair. You can try Hera Hair Beauty, a Singapore salon that offers both tape-in and fusion hair extensions. Visit their website or call them at +6562688949. They have branches at Tanglin Mall and Sentosa Cove. Check out some of their work on their Instagram pace.

Tease your hair — the right way!

use a skinny or rattail comb to gently tease it at the roots. You can do this all over. If you want your hair to still look sleek, just back comb the particular area where you want more height (like the crown) and then comb over it. You’ll get lots of volume without looking like an 80s rockstar.

Minimize heat styling

Blowdrying will make your hair more fragile, which can lead to split ends and hair loss. Try to get extra volume by braiding your hair before you sleep (you’ll wake up with gorgeous beachy waves) or using velcro curlers. Don’t worry — the new ones are made of soft material that won’t hurt your scalp while you sleep! Try:

  • Foam sponge hair rollers. $15 for 36 pieces, Amazon SG
  • ConAir Big Foam hair rollers. $8.28 for 9 pieces, Amazon SG
  • ConAir Self-Grip Rollers. $12.98, set with different sizes. Amazon SG

Use a root lifting spray

A lot of hair styling products can be very thick and actually weigh down very fine or thin hair. Instead of a mousse or gel, try a root lifting spray. These usually have a fine mist that helps give volume and still feels soft and bouncy. Try: Living Proof Full Root Lift, $39, Sephora

Ask your hairstylist for highlights

“Strategically placed highlights can make your hair look more multi-dimensional. It looks thicker than hair that’s just one color,” says stylist Sierra Gomez. She personally recommends staying with darker shades, to avoid exposing your hair to too much bleach. Find a salon near you with our Beauty Insider Singapore hair salon directory!