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Hair Loss Treatments That Really Work (with Clinically Proven Ingredients!)

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So many products claim to fight hair loss, but how many of them really work? These award-winning hair treatments don’t just make your hair look temporarily thicker. They contain ingredients that actually nourish and stimulate your scalp and strengthen your hair. Some of them even block the hormones that cause balding! The result: your hair grows faster, and the stronger strands are less prone to breaking and splitting.    

Beauty Inside 2019 Awards: Best Scalp Treatment


What we love: medical-grade stem cells fight hair loss and gray hair

PHS Hair Science‘s breakthrough stem cell technology treats several different hair conditions that can lead to hair loss and thinning hair. It uses medical-grade technology (previously available only at hair clinics) that were developed by Korean bio-scientists, trichologists and dermatologists.

The “miracle” formula has been called SigGrow™, a powerful concentration of cell signal proteins that stimualte the hair follicle, cultured stem cells, cytokine, 9 critical growth factors, vitamins and more than 100 active botanical ingredients. This rejuvenates and repairs dormant hair cells.

The PHS hair treatment goes deep into the scalp using a special oxygen infusion process. This turbo-charges hair growth, and with enough hair treatments, you can see results after just two months.

Unlike scalp surgery, the process is painless and non-invasive. It can also be used to reverse gray hair, by infusing your scalp with ingredients that increase melanin production.

Vitas Scalp Revitalizing Shampoo

What we love: protects hair from environmental stress

We know that pollution and UV exposure can damage the skin – but it also weakens the hair! Soot and dirt irritate the scalp and clog the hair follicles. (Sticky hair styling products also collect dust like a magnet.) Our hair also gets extra stressed when we step in out and out airconditioned rooms.  “Your hair adjusts to dryness in office and then you go outside and it’s like a sponge and becomes really frizzy and brittle,” says trichologist K. Menuso.

 We can’t hide in the office and we can’t live without airconditioning, but we can protect our hair. Look for products that strengthen the scalp, so you get healthy hair that stays strong and beautiful even when it’s exposed to sun and temperature changes.

Beauty Insider recommends Vitas Scalp Revitalizing Shampoo. Its total approach to healthy scalp and hair made it the Editor’s Choice at our 2019 Beauty Insider Awards.  It’s packed with amino acids, vitamins, proteins, enzymes and essential oils that work together to balances the scalp, promotes circulation, and make strands thicker and stronger. It even protects your hair colour!

Vitas Pro developed the Scalp Revitalizing Shampoo by working with hair experts and salon owners. It’s proudly made in Singapore, so you know that it completely understands what our climate does to our hair.  (Read more about Vitas Pro hair and scalp care.)

BioRoyale Fall + Regrowth Full Set

What we love: 22 active natural ingredients

Love natural beauty products? Then this is the best shampoo for you. K&K Labs developed it after realizing that many hair fall products contain the same harsh chemicals that can trigger or worsen hair fall.  So, it looked at decades of research to find out which oils and plant extracts were proven to nurture hair growth and strengthen your hair. And they selected not just one, or two, or even five – they put 22 active natural ingredients!

Each of those 22 ingredients have a special benefit. For example, argan oil has fatty acids  that act like nourish the scalp and add a protective layer to your hair, which prevents it from breaking when you comb or style it. Green tea and saw palmetto can inhibit DHT. Tea tree oil can fight dandruff and other conditions that cause your scalp to flake then clog up your hair follicles.  

Those are just some of the ingredients that help purify and nourish your scalp, prevent the conditions that lead to hair fall, and strengthen the hair you already have. Together, they give you the healthiest and thickest hair you’ve ever had.   

BioRoyale Fall + Regrowth Full Set has won several awards, including Beauty Insider’s 2019 Best Treatment Set for Dry, Dull and Thinning Hair. (Read more about BioRoyale.)

anti hairloss serum

Dr GL Solution Anti Hair Loss

What we love: finally — a serum that isn’t sticky!

Confession: sometimes we hate using hair serums because they make our hair feel sticky and dirty. We go to bed feeling like we haven’t washed our hair in weeks. Then no matter how much we shampoo our hair the next day, the oily residue clings to our hair and weighs it down. How can a supposedly “good” hair product give us such bad hair days?

Good news: you won’t experience any of that with the Dr GL Solution Anti Hair loss leave-in serum. It is so lightweight and comfortable. Massage it into your scalp to really work in the formula and stimulate blood circulation. And steal a trick from your hair salon: wrap your fingers around your hair and very gently pull. No, that won’t fight hair loss but it will relax your forehead and neck muscles. Feel that tension headache go away! Now, hair serums aren’t torture – they’re a wonderful night-time treat that stimulates hair growth and fights stress.

But how does this hair serum fight hair loss? Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Dr GL Solution Anti Hair loss leave-in serum helps bring your scalp into the best conditions for growing not just more hair, but stronger hair. It contains cutting-edge peptides and powerful growth factors, plus  It ingredients that fight dandruff and scalp infections. (Read more about Dr GL.)

hair loss kit

Revivogen Full Set Treatment System

What we love: clinically proven ingredients for pattern baldness  

If you already have a receding hairline or noticeably thinning hair, then it’s time for Revivogen Full Set Treatment System.

This hairloss treatment was developed by dermatologists to be a natural solution to the most common kind of hairloss: male and female pattern baldness (Andorgenic Alopecia).

Revivogen blocks DHT (aka dihydrotestosterone), a male hormone that’s most responsible for hair loss in men. It binds to receptors in hair follicles, causing them to become smaller and weaker, and eventually even die.

However, Revivogen does this in a safe, natural and effective way. Its main ingredients are  Alpha and Gamma Linolenic acid (ALA & GLA), the strongest known natural DHT reducers. They’ve been clinically proven to slow down or even stop hairloss, with the results published in reputable medical journals.  

That’s why Revivogen won Beauty Insider’s Choice Award for Best Scalp Treatment. It’s scientifically proven, and it’s also very convenient. The complete kit’s got everything you need to fight hair loss: the Bio-cleansing Shampoo, the Thickening Conditioner, and the Scalp Therapy.As long as you apply the products consistently, you’ll see results.

So how long before you see the effect? Beauty reviews say that they see a huge difference within 6 to 8 weeks. Their hair looks thicker and feels denser, and even the baby hairs seem to look more pigmented. However, you’ll see the maximum results after a year to a year and a half.  (Read more about Revivogen).