If there is a race we can all rely to when it comes to beauty, Koreans are probably the first one that will come to mind, even their 10-step skin care routine trend has gained somewhat a cult following almost everywhere in the world. And whom else do we look to for hair tips than […]

DRx’s Organic Keratin Repair Treatment revives very damaged hair back to its healthy state. It does not contain harmful substances like formaldehyde and has been approved by HSA in Singapore.

Here’s a “Neue” way of scheduling your next haircut. Neue Salon – Singapore’s new celebrity-endorsed hair salon — recently launched an online booking system that lets you schedule your next hair appointment in just a few clicks.

If your hair texture is more “hay” than “yay”, Chez Vous’ hi-tech Trilogy Hair System may be your salvation.

Salon Vim’s latest treatment, Texture Control, promises soft, healthy hair that is frizz-free. Unruly, dry, frizzy hair. These are the common hair problems we face in our humid climate. I know, because I’ve battled with frizzy hair my entire life. Co-owner of Salon Vim, Gary Chew believes that hair should be in a good condition […]

HighBrow’s signature Brow Enliven treatment will make you look like your favourite Korean star faster than you can say yeppeun (that means pretty in Korean)! Suffer from scanty eyebrows but lust after full, Korean-inspired ones? Apparently, this trending eyebrow shape screams youth like Chupa Chups as it gives you the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed sweet look […]

Our crowning glory has two looks—the one you wear in the office and the one you rock at an evening night out with your friends. But, how do you transition from your regular look by day to an edgy hairdo by night? This is the inspiration behind Kimage Group of Salon’s promo for the 2017 […]

aka How to Communicate with Stylists Properly.

The K-wave hits us Singaporeans hard. I’m pretty sure you have imagined yourself as the Goblin’s Bride, waved a few glow sticks at a KPOP concert, or sported that no-makeup makeup look. Well, there’s another Korean fashion that you should try—in your own fingernails! Feel the Korean vibe with the help of the best Korean nail studios located in […]

There is never a better time to flaunt a fresh new look than the New Year! In this case, the catchphrase “New Year, New Me” holds much truth. You can expect loads of both new and old hair trends happening this 2018 in Singapore, just like everywhere else, and the best way to update your […]

Shunji Matsuo Founder and Managing Director of Shunji Matsuo Salon Group. Based in Singapore at Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio     Justin Javier International Director and stylist. Manager of Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio and colour specialist     Mr Chikuma Koyama Tokyo-based veteran hairstylist attached to Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio in Singapore. Heads the  Hair Fashion […]

If you enjoy massages, delicious smelling organic products and glowing, happy skin, you will love this facial.

Whenever you go to affordable salons in Singapore for the first time, there’s a fear that your new hairdo won’t elevate your looks. There are doubts whether your new hairstyle will suit your face shape, skin colour, personality, and lifestyle.   Let’s get rid of that fear!   Here in Beauty Insider, we’ll show you the best salons […]

Christmas is your time to “shine!” Even very damaged hair will become glossy, smooth and healthy after just one Kure treatment from Maris Salon. It’s the signature hair treatment from Tokyo’s #1 hair salon, and the secret to perfect holiday hair.

Finally treating the most common hair problems through the roots!