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Hairdryer HairStyles for the Festive Do You’ve Always Wanted!

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Be it a french chignon or a classy top knot- it is sometimes hard to achieve a festive hairstyle that will last in Singapore’s humid weather. Most of us resort to straightening our hair and adding a little spray for hold.

This year, we at Beauty Insider are upping our hair game. With a whole list of achievable styles that are right at your finger tips. You will be surprised at how easily they can be achieved!

A Big Voluminous Mane

Sometimes simply letting down your hair can be your best look. But as the night wears on so will the flattening occur. To prevent this always blow dry your hair by tilting your head forward starting from the underside. 

Doing this ensures that your hair retains some form of volume and then fix with a volumizing spray after. 

We recommend this Liese product for the best hold that will keep your volume for at least 4-6 hours. Sufficient to party the night away without the crunchy feeling you get from most hair sprays. 

Beach Waves Galore

 The hardest thing to maintain is definitely beach waves- without the beach! It is one thing to to have a tousled hair do but to keep it looking fresh and effortless at a holiday party is quite the feat for your hair dryer. 

Our favourite thing for this hairstyle is a diffuser. This ionising hair dryer by Philips is a great way to create wave for straight, fine hair. 

Simply dry your hair like you normally will, and scrunch up sections from the underside into the diffuser. The results is an effortless wave that will stay with a little hair spray. 

Wavy Fresh Curls

Not everyone has the time and energy to get a salon blow out for a big event. Try this great hack! 

Blow dry your hair first but not fully. Make sure your hair is still damp to the touch. Then divide your hair into equal sections and braid them as you would a normal braid.

The number of sections and or braids depend on how thick your hair is and how numerous your want your curls to be. The optimum number of braids we recommend is between 4-6 for the average thickness of asian hair. 

For best results with this hair style we recommend the breakthrough hair drying product for 2018- the Dyson Supersonic. The cooling nozzle is great for setting a hair do in and you will be ready with fresh wavy curls all night long!