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Healing Crystals Infused With Our Makeup Are The Most Extra Product, Ever!

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Your aspirations and pursuit for all things positive are cherished and delicate things. Staying away from hostile affirmations are challenging as they can come from anywhere — that involves commodities, those we surround ourselves with, and, yes, even us individually. We’ve long embraced the sentiment of warding off negative energy and embracing in self-love, and here’s how these healing crystals have found its way into our hearts…and our makeup.

Whether you’re a keen crystal devotee or you’re kind of on the fence about the whole trend itself, you’ve probably heard about the expansion of crystal-infused beauty products hitting your favourite makeup counters. We’re highlighting Kora Organics, a cruelty-free, all-natural beauty brand launched by supermodel Miranda Kerr. Their latest makeup launch of ‘Luminizing Balms’ are made of literal healing crystals! Talk about inviting a happy-glow!

healing crystalshealing crystals

These sparkling highlighters warrant the idea of its healing benefits and intensifying your natural glow while you apply this product on your face. With different products adopting a distinct type of energy such as vibrations of harmony, calmness and happiness, these crystal powders will have you glowing both inside and out!

In addition to these powdered crystals infused in their makeup, the brand also believes in creating positive thoughts for their consumers. With that in mind, they have attached a positive word at the back of their products. Hoping to inspire and uplift you, Kora Organics is helping us embrace different types of positive energies for a better today, and the days to come. 

With a little bit of magic and luminosity, these highlighters certainly go beyond the bounds of the healing crystal recharge. While some may argue the crystal trend is taking it too far, we need to remember that it is your choice to adopt the type of influence you wish to reflect on. If you find yourself inviting a healthy and happy glow with healing crystals, continue saying “Yes!” to the affluence you’d love to receive in your life.

If you’re not on the healing crystal makeup addiction yet but would like to be, check out Kora Organics!

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Photo credit: @koraorganics

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