This heavy duty moisturizer hydrates for 72 hours (and it doesn’t feel sticky)

The sun dries up your skin, but so does indoor airconditioning. No worries: Biotherm’s new revolutionizary moisturizer, Aquasource Everplump, provides 72 hour Intense Hydration, with a high density Serum-Gel texture that smoothens skin instantly and plumps skin from within.

Good news for oily skin: it doesn’t feel thick!

With just one dab of Aquasource Everplump, thousands of micro-moisture drops break fresh onto skin’s surface to release its hydrating agents. It feels as fresh as a gel, yet is as active as a serum, while smoothing like a primer – leaving the thinnest and silkiest film on the skin’s deeply moisturized and plumped-out surface.

Works magic even on the driest skin

In just 1 week, dehydration lines are visibly reduced. You’ll also feel a huge change in your skin’s texture: less flaking around the nose, and your makeup seems to absorb and “sit” better.

Your skin loses moisture when you sweat! Slather this heavy duty moisturizer after a workout or a run. Since it absorbs so quickly and works so well, it’s also a must-have for someone who wants multi-skincare-benefits and who loses water faster than others. Spend less time on skincare, and more time doing what you love!

Where to get it

Aquasource Everplumpis coming your way in May! The 50ml bottle retails at $69 and is available at all Biotherm counters. The 40 ml bottle retails at $55, 40ml and is only available at Sephora.

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