Here’s The Quickest Full-Glam Makeup Tutorial As Suggested By Kim K’s Makeup Artist

By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin / October 1, 2021
Categories : Beauty News, Makeup

If you’re the type of person who loves a full-glam look, then you know how time consuming they are, but hey, time well spent when we get the result that we want, right? But that doesn’t include prepping your hair, putting your outfit together, choosing the right shoes and you’re good to go. And as a girl, I’d admit it took us about almost three hours to complete the whole look slash outfit. And unless you’re Kim Kardashian, who has time to wait for you?  Hold on, does Kim Kardashian even spend three hours achieving that glam-ready look? Turns out, she only takes about an hour and half. Surprise, surprise

Recently, her personal makeup artist, Mario Dedivanic—better known as Makeup By Mario—who she had previously collaborated with from KKW Beauty collection, revealed that it only took him about 4 easy steps to complete Kim K’s everyday glam look. Well, I guess when you mastered the art of glamming up one of the most influential celebrities in the world, it flows easily to you, huh. But when he said ‘’easy’’ how easy does it take? At a Sephora press conference a few days ago, Mario told the attendees that in order to get the flawless glam look, you’ll need to remember 4 easy steps, which everyone to their mother can practice. It doesn’t require much of your time and movement—which makes it appropriate for girl bosses who are always rushing out of the door. Perfecto

So since we at Beauty Insider love everything glam and eye catching makeup looks, we’re immediately invested in Mario’s secret to achieve the glam-ready look a la Kim Kardashian. Remember when we used to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashian and wonder who even got a time to wear makeup every single day? Now look at us, we’re literally living the diva life. We’re just exactly like them, dolls

Please, Prep & Prime

Of course, the first step to achieve the flawless look is to have a smoother base. It is important to prep and prime your skin especially early in the morning when the skin is fresh and repaired. Of course, proper skin care is essential before you begin to add any products. Whether you’re at home or not, always make sure to apply sunscreen. A sunscreen will not only protect your skin from the harmful UV rays but also from the device screen that contains blue and green lights. Make sure you use sunscreen, moisturizer, serum and face mist. 

Bronzing The Bone

Now onto the best part. When we mentioned the Kardashian klan, our mind automatically will think of their sculpted contour bones. Afterall, the origin of contouring and baking were made famous by Kim and Mario… So, the irony of it. And again, for most of us who typically have no time to sit around comfortably to get our makeup done—especially when there’s piles of work waiting for us to finish it on time—we need something that is quick, versatile, and overall easy to work with. That’s why Mario suggested opting for a contour stick instead of a powder bronzer. Reason being, stick-based products are much easier to work and blend over compared to powder-based products. Not only that, he even suggested swiping the same product onto your eyelids. He said, ‘’Multi-purpose products are always my go-to. They help cut back on application time and you can see a huge difference. After you swept it over the high-points of your cheek, work it over on your lids.’’ Tadaa!

Cheeks & Lips

Here’s another trick. Instead of using two different tones, why not keep it minimal and simple by using the same colour on both your cheeks and lips? Mario recommended you find a product that is suitable to put on two of the most noticeable features on your face. But if you can’t find anything that offers two different tasks within one product, he suggested you use the same lipstick as your blusher. Meaning, after you apply the lip product onto your lip, take a small amount from the same lipstick and dab it lightly on your cheek. This will create a natural sunkissed effect. Maintaining the same colour on your cheek and lips will create a natural luminous glow, not to mention it is very time saving. Just bring the lipstick along with you, so the next time you touch up your lips, you can retouch your cheek as well. Easy peasy!

Mascaras Coating

Last but not least, Mario said, it is not possible for everyone to apply false lashes everyday. So, coating a huge layer of mascaras is the only way. But keep in mind that over-coating or over-laying your mascaras can actually damage your lashes. So how do we do it properly? The key is to always opt for a mascara that offers a thicker and fuller effect—anything that shows ‘’super black mascara’’ on the packaging, yeah, grab that. The rule of thumb is to stop at the third or fourth layer and do not go overboard. Over-coated lashes can damage the health of your lashes so you have to be careful.


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