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Holiday Hair Shortcuts that Take Just Minutes

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The holidays can get really hectic: shopping, work functions and reunions, potlucks and parties, and a million end-of-year errands. Who has time for a complicated beauty routine? Don’t worry, gorgeous: here are holiday hair shortcuts that will help you look fabulous in half the time.

 Keep it sleek and simple

Slicked back hair is a huge hair trend, and also needs next-to-zero hairstyling skills or tools. Just work hair product into your hair, then comb it back into a pony tail or side part. Brush back stray baby hairs with an old mascara brush sprayed with hairspray.

So you don’t look too stern, balance very sleek hairstyles with soft and feminine makeup. Apply a pastel shimmer wash all over the eyelid, and keep your brows groomed but natural. Avoid heavy contouring and dark smoky eyeshadow. And don’t forget to apply foundation on your neck and behind the ears!

Add glamorous hair accessories

Sparkly headbands and barrettes, pretty bobby pins, and decorative hair pins can quickly dress up the simplest hairstyle. See how celebrity hairstylist Mara Roszak used them to create totally different party looks for Emma Stone and Cara Delevingne:

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Play with hair glitters and temporary colours

Go ahead, experiment with different colors and looks! These temporary hair dyes or glitters are so easy to apply, and wash off in the shower. It’s the easiest way to achieve dramatic holiday hair. Try:

IGK Pre Party Sprinkle Hair Strobing Glitter Spray

Shop it now: $24, Sephora

Pretty multi-coloured glitter creates a dimensional rainbow effect that’s especially pretty when the light hits your hair. It also has vanilla extract and sugar cane which makes your hair stronger and more shiny.

Pre Party Sprinkle Hair Strobing Glitter Spray 1

Sephora Collection Colour Blush 1-Day Hair Colour

Shop it now: $16, Sephora

Pick from 6 trendy shades (like Lagoon Blue or Hot Pink!) to transform your hair for the day. The colour is intense, but doesn’t damage your hair and washes out with just one shampoo.

SWLG Coloring Hair Pomade

$15.99, Amazon

Just work this product into your hair to create subtle streaks or dramatically change your hair color overnight. Don’t worry, it washes off quickly — and it’s made of plant extracts that won’t irritate your scalp or damage your hair. Amazon reviews say it’s easy to use. “I really liked how it dressed up my braids. You can add more product to intensify the color for an ombre effect.’

Dry shampoo is your best friend

Apply dry shampoo at night and shake it out in the morning. It gets rid of greasy hair and helps your hair stay bouncy and fresh between shampoos. If you’re heading to a party after work, it can also revive your blowout and add extra volume. (Read our article on affordable dry shampoos in Singapore.)

Trim split-ends

Keep your hair looking neat and healthy between trips to the salon. To remove split ends, divide dry hair into sections and then tightly twist from the root to the tip. Snip away any hair that sticks out.

Sleep in braids to get beachy waves

When your hair is about 85% dry, braid it, sleep and wake up with party-ready hair. Watch the video tutorial.

Emergency frizz control

If your hair is super frizzy and you don’t have any serum with you, just wet your hands with water and squirt a small amount of hand lotion. Then, comb your hands through your hair. Twist hair into a rough French twist and leave it clipped for 10 minutes. Then, remove the clip and shake out your hair. No more frizz!

Focus on the front

If you are running late, then just blowdry or style the area near your hair part and hairline. This is what people will notice the most (and will show up in pictures). As long as that looks perfect, you will too.

Add extra texture with salt spray

Salt spray instantly adds sexy volume and texture — and it looks so effortless! You can leave your hair down, tie it into a pretty ponytail, or clip your bangs while leaving the rest of your hair falls in sexy waves. Plus, textured hair holds style a lot longer, so your hair doesn’t go limp in the middle of the party. Some products to try:

Sachajuan Ocean Mist

Shop it now: $34, Sephora

This texturizing salt spray adds lots of sexy waves without weighing down your hair. Its unique formula combines algae and other hair-nourishing ingredients to pump up the volume and shine — whatever your hair type.  Sephora reviews says that’s not sticky, and worked on both men’s hair and short women’s haircuts like bobs.

Toni&Guy Sea Salt Texturising Hair Spray

Shop it now: $15.90, Amazon

It got hundreds of Amazon reviews, with one girl saying: “This is the best sea salt spray I’ve ever tried! My hair is more wavy and texturized after this spray, lasts the whole day even during humidity.”

You can even use this if you don’t like using the blowdryer. Just apply mousse, curl your hair with your fingers (or rollers), then add this while you squeeze and tousle up your hair. You’ll get that sexy, messy look that’s so on-trend.

Use a bristle brush when you blow dry

Get two things done at one time. When you use a bristle brush, you’re taming hair and distributing your natural hair oils from the scalp to the tips of your hair. That will make your hair shiny. Then, run the cool blast when you’re done blowdrying for about 30 seconds — that last step also helps prevent hair from looking dull.

Shop it now: Kent large bristle brush, $23,92, Metro department store.

Use Second Day Hair

Yay, the perfect excuse to skip washing your hair the day of a big party! “Don’t wash your hair,” said PopSugar editorial hairstylist Chuck Bass. “Second-day hair lasts better.” The oil in your hair actually helps it hold shape.

Spray your bobby pins

Bobby pins can help hold your hair in place, but if you want them to stay super secure, mist them with hair spray. Choose one that has a strong hold but won’t make your hair look stiff. (And discover the amazing hairstyles you can create just with bobby pins with our article on bobby pin hair hacks.)

Try Goody SlideProof bobby pins, available in black, brown and blonde. Shop it now: $24, Amazon.