Home-based Eyelash Salons You Can Try this CNY!

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There has been an influx of home based eyelash salons since mid of last year. Most are licensed therapists who have left their salons and started up their entrepreneurial stint at home. We at Beauty Insider have curated our top favourite home-based eyelash salons that are right in your neighbourhood!

Mink Brown Lashes from Sandy’s Eyelash Beauty Salon

Sandy’s Eyelash Beauty

Sandy is a licensed therapist who keeps up with the eyelash trends. She offers a myriad of services from 6D to 9D, available at the most affordable prices. The best part about Sandy, is her experience allows her to cater the eyelash look of your choice to your eyes and face.

Most of the time girls come in with a picture of what they want. These eyelashes might not always suit their eyes or could be more uncomfortable that they are used to- especially if it is their first time!

We recommend her Mink Eyelashes at an affordable $70 with a top up of $10 for brown shade. They are unbelievably soft and brown creates a nice look especially for Asian skin tones.

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4D Fluffy Eyelashes

Fabulash by Nicole

Fabulash by Nicole is another eyelash salon that has caught our eye. Her prices are affordable and her techniques rival those at well-known places like Private Room and My Cozy Room. The most important reason why we love her services is her positive customer feedback.

She has a loyal customer base that comes back each time. Her best marketing tool is her commitment to her craft and her happy customers . Her Instagram is full of positive feedback from pretty lash girls who want to compliment her for her excellent services and recommend her to their friends.

Just Whatsapp her personally for a full list of details of her services. There is an attractive discount for first time customers and no hard selling- simply because her lashes sell themselves!

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Natural C-Curl Eyelash Extensions

Emerald Allure

If a more natural, girl-next-door look is what you are after then we recommend Emerald Allure. This full service salon specialises with bridal and looks and other special occasions and has been in the business for close to a decade.

Emerald Allure achieves a classic look for the fuss-free lady who wants to enhance her beauty without much alteration. Their prices start at an affordable $60 and do not go beyond a $100 so try it out for yourself!

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