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HOT Brand Bloggers Rave about these Japanese Beauty Products

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America has proven to be a country where cosmetic brands flourish- with the rise of these celebrities named and owned cosmetics brands popping and rising up continuously is upholds that. But did you know that USA has only been around for a few hundred years? Yes, ONLY! That means America’s best-kept beauty secrets have also just been around the same time, whereas Japan have grounded beauty secrets and traditions that dates back centuries. It is almost impossibly to not find yourself a perfect trusted Japanese beauty product today!

Over the last decade, Asian countries have shown a great run on being in the forefront of the beauty industry globally. Japan, being one of the very few “first world countries” in Asia, has established their seat on the front row when it comes to cosmetics and skincare! They are known for setting trends, looks, and product innovations that gains a cult following on social media from all over the world!

We’ve recently have come across another great Japanese beauty product we’d love to share with you, that is Koh Gen Do Foundation. A lot of beauty bloggers and vloggers have already showed their share of raves about Koh Gen Do foundations online, but if you haven’t come across one yet and you find yourself reading this, you have certainly come to the right place!

Koh Gen Do Foundations

Koh Gen Do is luxurious Japanese cosmectic brand, the prices their products are offered at are pretty, well, expensive. But you know how most products with hefty price tags come with great quality, right? It seems to be the case for Koh Gen Do Foundations!

Koh Gen Do has two (2) different types foundations- Aqua Foundation and Moisture Foundation. These two foundations have about 2-3 Singaporean dollars difference in price despite its noticeable difference in size and amount of product.

The aqua foundation is offered in 8 different shades and offers a sheerer finish than that of the moisture foundation. It offers sheer coverage but magically refines the skin with just a little amount of product! It sets on the skin as dewy upon application, but settles in as soft and semi-matte overtime. It is almost like your skin, but better!

Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation

The moisture foundation, on the other hand, offers build-able coverage. This one is offered in a small red tube and holds lesser amount of the product than the aqua foundation. While that may sound like a turn off, you will instantly understand why when you try on the foundation. A small amount of product goes a surprisingly long way! It covers skin imperfections without the help of concealer and doesn’t cake even when layered with another coat.

Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation

Both foundations are infused with sun protection at SPF 15 and are paraben-free, mineral oil free, fragrance-free and have zero artificial colors.

If you ask us about value for money, we won’t even flinch about this brand’s foundations- especially if you’re the type of woman who is very particular about her base, this luxury Japanese beauty product is perfect match for you!