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How Often Should You Get Salon Treatments?

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Life gets busy, and it’s easy to forget things like manicures and eyebrow shaping (heck, sometimes we even forget where we put our pen). But girl, the busier and more tired you are, the more important it is to take care of yourself. Salon treatments are an important of selfcare. Besides, it’s a lot easier to deal with stress if you feel good, right? “I’m dying from work and I’m about to go crazy, but my eyebrows are PERFECT.”

So add this salon treatment schedule to your Google calendar and treat it just like any other important meeting. You deserve it!


Once every two weeks

Don’t wait till your nails are a chipped, ugly mess. Regular manicures will prevent ragged cuticles and hang nails. Plus, if you wear any nail polish too long – especially dark colours – your nails will get stained.

In between manicures, be sure to massage hand lotion or cuticle cream on your fingertips. You can also keep nail polish looking fresh by reapplying a clear top coat.

Pedicures and Foot Spas

Once every month

Actually it’s easier to get a pedicure with your manicure. But you can hold off for a month, especially if you regularly exfoliate your feet with a body scrub.

If you like wearing sandals, or have callouses from wearing heels or boots, get a professional foot treatment at least every month. Most Singapore salons will offer packages that include a pedicure and a foot soak or scrub. Some have special treatments that get rid of ingrown nails, fungus or cracked heels.

Eyebrow Shaping

Once every 4 to 6 weeks

Of course, your best guide is the mirror. Some people’s eyebrow hairs grow back faster, or have an eyebrow shape that requires more maintenance.

You also have to consider the kind of eyebrow treatments you get. Eyebrow threading, eyebrow waxing and eyebrow embroidery also have their own timelines. If you coloured your hair, you may also need to get eyebrow tints. (Yes, perfect eyebrows take a lot of work, but unlike deadlines and life in general, it’s one area  where you can always have perfect control.)

Between salon visits, you can pluck off a few stray hairs with a tweezer, and brush rebellious brows into shape with clear eyebrow gel.  


Once every 6 to 8 weeks

 If you’ve got a really good daily skincare regimen – cleansing, masking, exfoliating – than you won’t need that many salon facials.

But we still love a good hydrating facial, or a professional extraction of blackheads and whiteheads. And there are so many great facials in Singapore that treat special skin concerns like acne and acne marks, ageing, or pigmentation. Why miss out on a chance to try new technology or ingredients, or the excuse to lie back and be pampered and prettified for an hour – while you nap?

Life is short, get the facial.

Hair Cuts and Hair Treatments

It depends on your hairstyle

When you get a haircut or hair colour, ask your stylist how often you need to go for a trim or a touch-up. Shorter pixie cuts will obviously need a lot more maintenance than a longer style that you can grow out. But even if you’ve got a fairly simple long and straight haircut, you should still get regular cuts to prevent split ends.

Hair treatments (like keratin treatments, hot oil, hair straightening and blowouts) are also a case to case basis. One of the benefits of having a regular hairstylist at your favourite Singapore salon is that he or she will know your hair and recommend what you need and when to go back.

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