Holiday Diet Tips

How to Avoid Gaining Weight During the Holidays (But Still Have Fun)

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The holidays are the time for fun, food, and the freedom to indulge in as many cocktails and Christmas cookies you want. After all, you deserve it! But how do you avoid gaining too much weight during the party season? These holiday diet tips can help.

Don’t go to a party hungry

Take a healthy snack a few hours before the party so you’re not tempted to stuff yourself at the buffet table. Try vegetable sticks, peanut butter on wholewheat crackers, or a green smoothie.

Eat slowly

It takes your body at least 20 minutes to register that it’s full. So slow down and savor each bite. Talk to friends, mingle, and pay attention to the smell and appearance of food.  You may eat less, but you’ll enjoy more.

holiday diet tips

Use small plates

Yes, this is a psychological trick: you think you’re eating a lot, because your plate looks full. But aside from this, you’re automatically forced to take smaller portions. Even the effort of having to stand up and get second or third servings will curb the impulse to overeat.

Choose quality calories

If you have to overeat, at least make it worth it. Eat the special holiday dishes or delicacies – after all, it’s only once a year! But if it’s something you can eat any time, or isn’t something you particularly like, just skip it. Or, you can do calorie trade-offs: you’ll get the cake, but you’ll drink your coffee black. That way, you can still indulge without gaining a lot of weight.

Go easy on the sauces and gravies

These are full of butter, salt and chicken or pork fat. Get enough to taste it (after all, it’s part of the dish!) but your meat and rice shouldn’t be swimming in sauce. If you’re choosing between pasta sauces, get tomato-based or oil-based sauces instead of anything with cream.

holiday diet

Drink lots of water

You’ll feel full, so you eat less. But also, water will help you flush out your food (and alcohol!) and minimize the effects of a hangover.

Sneak in 20 minutes of exercise a day

You may be too busy with parties and holiday trips to stick to your gym routine. That’s fine – it happens to everyone! However, don’t give up on exercise completely. Do a Youtube workout at home, go dancing with friends, or take a walk after dinner. If you’re serious about weight loss even during the holidays, do a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout. In 20 minutes, you’ll burn as much calories as you would from a one-hour group class.

Take a diet supplement

Diet supplements like Haba Meta Burn can block your body’s absorption of fat and carbohydrates.  You can also check the vitamins that celebs use to help them flush out toxins and improve digestions.

What to do the morning after:

Ate or drank too much at the party? Don’t worry, we’ve got articles that will help you flush out the toxins and help you look and feel a lot better.