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How to Downsize your Beauty Regimen When You’re Tired or Busy

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When you have so much going on, skincare is the last thing you want to worry about. Here’s how real women simplify their skincare regimen during those extra-crazy days (or weeks).

Stick to the Basics

You don’t always have to do the 9-step skincare regimen. Infact, the #skincarediet is trending even among Korean women. No, they’re notcutting back on calories – they’re cutting down on products. They just use acleanser, a serum, moisturizer and sunblock.

Their reason? Many are workingwomen who don’t have time to pat a lot of products in the morning. Others feel their skin has become too sensitive from trying on too many things at the same time. So they’re cutting down to the basics, and just use the essences and masks once or twice a week. So you can totally do that too, and not feel that you’re cheating on your skincare!  

Keep products in convenient places

Leah is a new mom who barely has time to sleep, much less apply a lot of skincare. Instead of abandoning her skincare regimen, she keeps her stash in a basket in her baby’s room. “I can just apply my sheet mask while I’m nursing him, or spritz my toner after checking on him at night.”

Where would it be easy for you to remember and use your products?In the living room, so you can do your skincare regimen while watching Netflix? In the kitchen, so you can pat in 9 layers of essence? while dinner simmers on the stove?

Pack a Skincare Emergency Kit

You always bring a makeup bag, so bring a small skincare bagtoo! Celebs do it all the time. Meghan Markle always has makeup wipes so shecan cleanse in the car on the ride home. And many Korean stars admit that they bringsheet masks with them on long shoots, so they can freshen up their skin duringlunch break. 

If you can’t see yourself masking in your office, bring tonerin a water bottle and spritz yourself whenever your skin feels dry or tired.  Keep little jars of cream everywhere — your bedside table, living room, even your bag. Make it easy to get your glow wherever you go. 

switch skincare products

Use multi-tasking products in your skincare regimen

Use makeup that provides coverage and has extra skin-enhancing benefits. “When I’m really busy at work I switch from foundation to a CC cream,” says Lila, an advertising executive. She also uses cleansing oils that have anti-ageing plant extracts, and a toner that removes residue while restoring PH. “It lets me skip the steps of having to use an essence. I can go straight to my night cream and sleep!”  

Pick lowkey makeup and hair

“Instead of lipstick, I use a tinted lip balm. Instead of styling my hair, I slick it back with hair oil and tie it in a bun,” says Raya, an MBA student.  

Raya explains that this routine not only saves time in the morning, it even simplifies her evening skincare. “I don’t need to double cleanse. I don’t have to wash my hair three times to get rid of sticky styling product.”